BioShock Infinite’s return to Rapture is Irrational’s admission of defeat

Irrational, with the new revealed downloadable content of Burial At Sea, are taking us back to Rapture in BioShock Infinite.

However, what Irrational are telling us with this upcoming release is that, well, Columbia just isn't that interesting, so we might as well go to a setting that is.

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HammadTheBeast1840d ago

Or maybe just maybe...


Rapture was part of the ending, so it would make sense to explore another "world" where Elizabeth and Booker lived in Rapture.

Mr_Pinky1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Thats what I thought aswell

If Booker woke up in his apartment and he heard Anna screaming in the other room maybe it was just his imagination. I mean his office looks like the same one in the Burial At Sea trailer.

What if because Elizabeth and him erased every single timeline of Columbia and Comstock ever existing it threw Booker into another timeline...our version of Booker was transported from his own timeline so he could still exist somewhere. Hell what if they needed to destroy the other worlds in order to create it was a fixed point in time which is why Columbia's residents could still see tears into Rapture despite it not being created yet, time moves different in other worlds.

All I know is they have so explaining to do, Booker can't exist in Raptures timeline when thats set in the 1950s and Infinite was set in 1912. Booker would be too old so I think he dosen't really belong in that world and he only THINKS he does. Jack is Bookers counterpart in Raptures timeline, you can't have two men in one world remember

"There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city"

I would love to see in the end of the DLC them both hiding as Jack walks into Rapture while they are trying to escape.

HarryMasonHerpderp1839d ago

I thought it was a bit of a cop out to go back to rapture to be honest, I thought the whole point in Infinite was to have a brand new location, so why are we going back to rapture in the DLC. Pretty sure the guys that bought the season pass wanted more of Columbia.

elhebbo161839d ago

next time put spoilers at the beggining, just in case.

AlphaCentyros1839d ago



Yes you're right, if Booker just lived his entire life in Rapture, he would be 84 when we meet him in the DLC. So he probably entered the Rapture universe through a Lutece field with Elizabeth. Travelling through those causes memory loss, so that explains why Booker doesn't seem to know Elizabeth in the trailer. However Elizabeth also acts as if she doesn't know him, but travelling through universes shouldn't affect Elizabeth's memory, so I don't see why she wouldn't recognize Booker.

Mr_Pinky1839d ago


No I won't, I will never put spoiler tags in articles like this because you should of played the game before looking at an article talking about DLC set AFTER the game.

Come on man it's common sense.

If it was an article talking about a game that had just come out, like a review article and you were talking about the ending then fair enough spoiler tags are needed. However in articles like this they aren't.

AngryTypingGuy1839d ago

Some of these "journalists" who write video game articles sure do have a tendency to over-analyze things...and N4G just loves to link to them.

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TacoBurrito1839d ago

Or what if, (are you with me) ITS A GAME

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malokevi1839d ago

Highest selling title in franchise history... did the brilliant author of this article even consider that when writing this masterful piece of journalism?

Zotaku871839d ago

Great sales do not necessarily make a great game. That kind of thinking is incredibly short-sighted.

BioShock Infinite rode the hype train for years to get it 4 million sales in just a handful of months. BioShock 1 didn't hit that same number for ~3 YEARS after its release, and in my opinion is the superior game. I did enjoy BI, but the first game is far and away the best in the series, but it didn't get those sales because when it came out it was a fairly under-the-radar title that only got it's proper fame and glory as time went on.

malokevi1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

I'm not saying its a great game. Hell, I didn't even play it. I have long since learned that liner campaigns are a waste of my money, because they hold my attention for all of two levels.

All I'm saying is that there's no reason for them to "admit defeat", especially after great sales, great reviews, ad a warm reception from gamers.

SilentNegotiator1839d ago

What does that have to do with the author's "point"?

fsfsxii1839d ago

If you're gonna bring in sales, then cod is the best game ever.
Most people bought in with the hype for Bio Infinite. Infinite doesn't even come close to the first game

jrbeerman111839d ago


you have a point, but Bioshock 1 had plenty of hype behind it, I remember being very excited for it waiting for release. The slower sales could be due to the fact that it came early in the new console cycle so less people to sell to.

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1839d ago
roadkillers1839d ago

Maybe this guys just trying to push Irrational so we get the best of them. I wouldn't mind.

Concertoine1839d ago

But Rapture is a parallel version of columbia. Andrew ryan and comstock. The little sisters and elizabeth, songbird and the big daddies protect them. Atlas and Fitzroy both unite the lower class and take it over. The games intros are exactly the same. Both protagonists and villains are connected in some way.
Who's to say this isnt just a tangential universe (one of infinite) where booker and elizabeth lived in rapture. Its clear that that elizabeth in the trailer is completely different and booker doesnt even know her yet (as she introduces herself). He says she helped him get out of trouble, maybe she snuck him into rapture to get away from a debt (the same way she helped him out of debt in infinite, except he sold her there).

schlanz1839d ago

It's called FAN SERVICE. Many of Bioshocks fans are happy to return to Rapture for some DLC.

There is no defeat to admit. Irrational has sold over 4m copies of Infinite making it (iirc) the best selling game of this year so far.

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Aberaham1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

I have to disagree with the premise here. This DLC seems more like Irrational wanted to parallel the events of Infinite--the decent of a utopia. Just the way the story of Infinite was put forth would make it challenging to place a story based piece of DLC into the narrative, at least from a Booker/Elizabeth perspective.

Placing this DLC back in Rapture allows them to tell a new story separate from the events of a story they already tied up. I think it's smart, from a narrative stand point.

Where I take issue is that I can't see this doing anything but harming the story that was told in the first Bioshock. Fleshing out the decent of Rature removes some of the mystery that revolves around what is, in my opinion, a better game and story.

Good article though, I enjoyed the read.

NukaCola1840d ago

Booker and Elizabeth seem to be the center of the Bioshock universe. I can only bet the untold back story of Rapture's fall has everything to do with them. I wonder where the games will go since the DLC kind of explains the point of Infinite's ending.

Mr_Pinky1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Booker and Elizabeth aren't the centre of Bioshock Universe but Booker alone is the centre of Infinite world because he is the "man" in the story being told across millions and millions of stars in all kinds of different shapes and forms.

"There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city"

Jack is the man in Rapture while Booker is the man in Columbia. There could be thousands and thousands of outcomes for just Raptures world for example featuring Jack and there could be the same for Booker for Columbia (like the one where he influenced the rising of the Vox Populi). If we had a Bioshock game set in a city underground set in the 1930s with brand new themes and characters then it would feature a new "man" because this would be a world where the constants and variables have changed too much.

Elizabeth can't really be the centre of the universe because her character will always change in each new world which have been altered too much because she's not part of that story (Lighthouse, Man, City) however what makes Elizabeth special is that she has the gift to see other worlds and can enter them when ever she in a small way she could be a key figure in Bioshocks universe but what if there are people like Elizabeth who have went through the same treatment as her in some form which can do the same thing. With an infinite number of worlds out there it's possible.

fattyuk1839d ago


"The untold backstory of raptures fall" has actually already been told, to an extent.

TekoIie1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )


It felt as though before now it was "documented".

That feels like the right word for it. We hadn't witnessed it but we had heard of the events.

fattyuk1839d ago

I'm assuming people have read the prequel book of bioshock?

HammockGames1839d ago

@ fatty

I'm a Bioshock junky and thought it was a great read. I'd definitely recommend it for anyone interested in Rapture's rise (and more story around the actual downfall).

Good stuff.

Now I'd just like to see Bioshock Vita :0)

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Blank1839d ago

Seriously I downvoted it such a garbage title making it seem like this author never played or finished the game or just didnt understand the story.

maniacmayhem1839d ago


Well wasn't Rapture a huge part of Infinite's storyline?

From what I got from the game is all of Columbia's technology actually came from Rapture. Fink even says in one of the logs that he found an under water city or something. This is how he got the plasmids and why the Handy Men look like Big Daddy's.

AlphaCentyros1839d ago

But Columbia existed before Rapture...

AznGaara1839d ago

No... They existed in parallel.

AlphaCentyros1839d ago

No... they didn't. Rapture was built in 1951, we saw Columbia in 1912. How can a 1951 universe be parallel to a 1912 universe? It can't, because then it wouldn't be a parallel universe anymore.

It is possible though that Fink, Comstock and other Columbian people could look into the FUTURE and see Rapture through the tears, but that doesn't mean Rapture existed in parallel with Columbia.

dragon_rocks1839d ago


Parallel Universes need not share the same timeline. They have their own separate time streams so its not mandatory that the dates match on any given time. Also it is not necessary that the cross dimension tear/window has to open only to the current time of other dimension. It can open to a past or present as well.

despair1839d ago

yea time is meaningless when it comes to the dimensions else how would you explain that

*massive spoilers*

Booker and Comstock are the same person just in alternate timelines and yet one is much much older than the other.

That's why I still think the Elizabeth from the new Rapture DLC will be Anna's(elizabeth)mother who we never heard anything about.

AlphaCentyros1839d ago

What if I told you Comstock is actually Booker's age? So he's 38 years old as well, he just looks like an old man due to the effects of the Lutece fields. So yes, Booker and Comstock are the same person living in alternate universes but NOT in alternate timelines. The timelines are the same, because they are PARALLEL universes.

ghostman1231839d ago

Remember how Elizabeth opened the tear in Monument Island that showed Paris and a movie billboard with "Revenge of the Jedi" written in french and a firetruck driving toward her? That definitely wasn't 1912. Nor was any of the music Fink's brother stole from the tears for that matter. The tears aren't bound to specific timelines, which is why we have music in Columbia about 60-70 years before we're supposed to and Plasmids about 45 years early. The tears across time were abused for profit.

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RE_L_MAYER1839d ago

It might be that woman that looks like elizabeth is her mother and thats where they met long time ago....just a guess

despair1839d ago

that's what I was thinking as well.

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