Uncharted 4 Wishlist: What Would Make Next Gen Drake Great

Uncharted 4 is probably coming... probably. As exciting as this is, what could Naughty Dog do to improve their already stellar franchise?

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ginsunuva1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

No we don't want coop in the main story thank you very much.

But a skydiving + wingsuit level - It is a necessity.

No more lost-city storyline. It needs to be something epicly unexpected.
And more adventure, less shooting.

Also bring back Chloe's ass in next-gen 1080, hi-res, ultra-detailed glory.

RytGear1753d ago

I disagree with your view on coop, I personally think that would be an awesome addition and me and my roommate could play as Drake and his buddies, that would be fantastic!

Also they should keep the same sweet balance of Platforming/Story/Shooting as it would become quite samey if you took out one counterpart.

And although I do agree it shouldn't be another lost city type story but there should be a similar feel, it would lose some of its roots if it lost all the historic awesomeness the franchise holds.

Sevir1753d ago

Chloe's ass wasn't sexy to begin with! Elena was far better looking, They could have made Claudia Black's Character much sexier considering she's sexy in person.

Still The conventions of Uncharted need to be drastically overhauled now that The Last of Us has Launched! I thought Uncharted 3 was as good as it gets but TLOU was just heads and shoulders above their previous work.

I cant wait for a Next Gen Uncharted but it has to take everything we knew about the franchise and flip it on its head and be a bastion of everything thats remarkable about gaming. It HAS to top Not just U2, U3 but also TLOU

sdozzo1753d ago

More of that blonde chick.

medman1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

The title asks what would make next gen Drake great? The correct answer is Naughty Dog doing exactly what they do better than anyone else.