Wii U’s Super Ubie Land Might Also Hit the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita

Junkie Monkeys: Notion Game’s highly anticipated Wii U title just may be coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita as well!

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BrezzyTv1843d ago

More indies for the Vita? yessss

Killzoner991843d ago

I can't get enough of all this indie goodness Sony has been shining on the Vita. The Vita is the #1 indie machine right now.

Treezy5041843d ago

Yeah man Sony is gonna kill it with the indie support!

1843d ago
Killzoner991843d ago

Hell yeah Sony. Steal those exclusives away from Nintendo. Who would be able to play it anyway if it were just on WiiU.

AbortMission1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

While your post was a little too fanboy-ish, I do agree that this game should come to the Vita. Sony undoubtedly has the best indie support on the market that's the closest to Steam out of all the consoles. This would make a nice addition.

clouds51843d ago

It's simple imho.. Every game should be on as many platforms as possible.

TripC501843d ago

"Hell yeah Sony. Steal those exclusives away from Nintendo."

You can be excited for more games on a platform like BrezzyTV but you are.. not very nice.

d3nworth11843d ago

For some reason I read "Super Mario Land might also hit the ps4 and Vita" I was like wait what. Then I read it again. It said Ubie not Mario.

josephayal1843d ago

i cannot wait, Vita needs some love