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Great Works, Troubling Moments

USgamer: "The controversy surrounding Dragon's Crown begs the question: Does one rotten element ruin the entire experience?" (Culture, Dragon's Crown)

Godlovesgamers  +   625d ago
"The controversy surrounding Dragon's Crown begs the question: Does one rotten element ruin the entire experience?"

Great question and I suppose it depends on what your beliefs and convictions are. Example: I won't play Bioshock Infinite because I feel it's a complete mockery of Jesus and The Holy Spirit. I'm aware that not every person who shares my beliefs feels the same about this game but it's how I feel inside, I feel a conflict, a conviction about it and I won't ignore it just so I can a play the game.

As far as Dragon's Crown is concerned, I just feel like there's really no good reason for the pervy representations of woman, it adds nothing to the gameplay, story, etc, so is it there? Art direction has nothing to do with representing woman in a slutty, suggestive way, it's obviously what the game director wants, so in essence it's just a perpetuation of his twisted, unrealistic view of woman. A little class goes a long way, and no one will accuse you of having too much tact. So based on that I've decided not to get it.

Wars have also been deterrents for me as far as which FPS games I'll purchase. Like our never ending war in the middle east, I want NOTHING to do with a video game that tackles that subjects and just perpetuates this false image that we are completely blameless (No WMD's ever found, two more wars started in the meantime, illegal occupations of countries for their resources, and don't even get me started on "we got Bin Ladden"), and more than that; heroes.

So again, at the end of the day, it depends on what your beliefs and convictions are.
rlacorne  +   624d ago
"The controversy surrounding Dragon's Crown begs the question: Does one rotten element ruin the entire experience?"

That's assuming the element in question is "rotten" in the absolute. It is not. For many persons, me included, exploitative sexuality is not "rotten", it's good stuff.

As for those who do believe it is "rotten", I hope they are able to look past it, but that may be asking much. I'll again use me as an example. While I do enjoy the gameplay in first person shooters, I could never bring myself to play Call of Duty and the likes, because it's about real nations, real wars, and I can't stand this kind of violence. I have a personal moral conflict in that area. I can't bring myself to look past something that is against my personal values in a video game, and the same goes for movies etc. So I don't play those games. But I do really enjoy the genre, seeing how much time I put in Borderlands 1-2.

I believe the same will be for anything that has to do with an individual's morals. But I wish some persons and reviewers understood that if anything has to be relative, morals are. I would never tell someone not to play Call of Duty because it stands against my personal values, and I wish no one would tell others to not play Dragon's Crown because it stands against their own. There is something for everyone in this world, and that should be celebrated.

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