Madden NFL 25: Next gen requests — you might just want this too (Part 2)

SchollA of CCU writes:

Part 2 of my Madden NFL 25 next gen requests, requests you might just want too.

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cedaridge1689d ago

New next gen hardware, no EXCUSES EA! But I still would love to see a next gen NFL 2K Football game.

melemelnyc1689d ago

Couldn't agree more. 2k football. Lets have open competition, that way games can compete. But i do believe Ea license is up, but Dont quote me

NoobJobz1689d ago

Those things would be nice but that would require effort on their part.

I like having different announcers. Would make the game much better.

Mookie1689d ago

Make the crown more realistic

crazyh0rse1688d ago

If you want these requests, play NFL 2K5