SG's Secret to Winning: Call of Duty 4

SG writes:

"Many of us who have played Call of Duty 4 have developed a keen awareness of what we like and dislike. While we chant from the mountaintops about the awesomeness of our selected gun, we make sure to call anyone who is using a different weapon a noob. Some take it further than that. I've found that there is a small selection of guns that go past the "noob" moniker. These guns and perks are called "cheap," their use is complained about in the post-game lobby. Crybabies?

My secret? I use all of them."

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Nostradamus3904d ago

The title is misleading, all he talks about is how to pi$$ people off.

JadeTyrant3904d ago

COD4 has went down the drain with all the "glitchers". Everybody wants to cheat to win. It's hard to find a fair match anymore.

light3904d ago

i have over 20K kills and haven't seen one glitch.

DRUDOG3904d ago

Are the glitches mostly seen on 360 or PC? I've never seen any (that I know of) on the PS3 version and I'm halfway through my first prestige (don't play much anymore). F glitches or cheating, that's just BS.

SiLeNt KNighT3904d ago

i have over 90K kills and have seen MANY glitches. i understand when the game first came out if there were glitches, but if IW and Activision got it together they could patch these up. oh well, socom Sept 16!

SabreMan3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

sorry but by your comment your saying most people who play cod4 are cheats which simple isn't the case, i have played Cod4 on the ps3 for over eight days play time and racked over 42000 kills with a k/d of 1.92 and rarely find someone i think is "cheating"

the only problem i find with Cod4 is the killcam as it lies, that can purely be put down to lag and or the bad connection of some players. however i have experienced people using a glitch or lag switch on occasion but it's no where near as bad as you make out in my experience atleast.
(i do mostly play private games these days mind you so may miss allot of them)

i also find people complain about "cheating" if they are loosing or not very good so it's easy to blame that on the opposition using some sort of device or glitch to beat them ( i am not saying this about you by the way)

cheating does happen but not to the extent some think it does, as for all this noob stuff just use what you like you only get called a noob if you kill someone with your apparent noob gun.
some people take themselves far to seriously at times, besides you would think the real army don't use grenade launchers and the like on there weapons, oh wait they do they must be noobs then right

just imagine the banter on the real battlefield with noob being spouted in infinate languages, smith assault that gun emplacement " i can't sir it's full of noobs with aK47's with grenade launcher attachments" ok smith stand down we'll call in an airstrike

Asurastrike3904d ago

I play the PS3 version. I've never seen a glitch or cheat, and I've been playing since November.

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SiLeNt KNighT3904d ago

im surprised he didnt tell people the best places to glitch too. i mean everything wasnt too bad except for his overkill class with two noob tubes. i can deal with jauggernaut, even though its pretty retarded, but grenade launchers?? you got it right with "how to piss people off" as a better title.

this is the reason i dont really play cod anymore. and the same reason i CANT WAIT for socom to come out. no perks, just who has better aim.

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The story is too old to be commented.