Fallout 4: Go Hard Or Go Home

Dwayne Madden:"We can understand why Microsoft would want Fallout 4, which has yet to be announced, to be an exclusive for the Xbox One, as they would be following a pattern and used their substantial cash reserves to buy exclusive games, along with timed exclusives."

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GreenRanger1873d ago

Hell no!

This game shouldn't be exclusive to any console.

Let everyone play it, ffs.

NukaCola1873d ago

If Bethesda sold themselves into exclusivity, I would refuse to buy anything else that they have any affiliation with. Fallout should be for all the enjoy and it's disgusting even the core PC community gets shafted over DLC that MS buys time for.

Hellsvacancy1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

Timed exclusives is all MS is good for, you can check their history, i'm not worried nor should you be