Monster Hunter Frontier G For Wii U Offers Convenient GamePad Features

Siliconera: ''Yesterday, Capcom showed off several new Monster Hunter spin-off titles during their Capcom Network Games Conference for PC and smartphone devices. In the midst of all the new titles, they also shared a closer look at the recently revealed Monster Hunter Frontier G for the Wii U, including some new GamePad features, reported by 4Gamer.''

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Misaka_x_Touma1871d ago

Of course Wii U is best fit for Monster Hunter franchise

SirBradders1871d ago

I don't plan on getting a wii-u but it is almost tempting, it would be cool if they could do the same with the vita.

1871d ago
NovusTerminus1871d ago

Great, now bring BOTH versions to the west.

Misaka_x_Touma1871d ago

They will since Tri Ultimate was successful in the west. Don't know if PS3 version gets same treatment.

NovusTerminus1871d ago

Given Capcom's hatred of Sony of late, I am just going to assume they will not. But all things considered Freedom 2nd G is still the highest selling MH, they should bring it over here... Hell bring the 360 version to!

I don't cre, just want the game (would prefer the PS3 version since thats where my friends are at, and one of my MH running buddies refuses to get a Wii U.)

gamer421871d ago

hopefully they remove the subscription payment model, if they ever bring it over west. I would prefer a one time $60 payment at the cash register in my local game store.

NovusTerminus1871d ago

Monster Hunter has had online fee's since the first game, but they only apply for Japan, so I think they would remove it for a US release.

gamer421871d ago

Huh, never knew that, thanks for the info!