Ubisoft: The Wii U GamePad "Feels Like a Natural Extension" in Splinter Cell Blacklist

Nintendo Life: ''It may be having a relatively quiet build-up, but the arrival of Splinter Cell Blacklist later this month will be eagerly anticipated by fans of the franchise. It's also a return for the series on a Nintendo home console, after previous entry Conviction skipped the Wii.

The Wii U version of the game is being handled by Ubisoft Shanghai, which has previously worked on multiple entries in the series, and we've recently had the opportunity to pose some questions to Producer Liu Jun about what Nintendo fans can look forward to. He was keen to emphasize the natural usage of the Wii U's GamePad for a title with such an emphasis on gadgets, stealth and successfully navigating areas.''

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rigbybot1271814d ago

Finally, Wii U owners are being thrown a bone! I'll be getting it on PS3, but it's good to know that Wii U owners won't have an inferior version.

andrewer1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

After the incredible support with amazing ports to the Wii (lol), Nintendo fans are finally getting something good.

CaptainFaisal1814d ago

I own all consoles ! And i was mad that the Wii U didn't get lots of support -.- But its good to see that more games are coming and their better! but Nintendo should allow 3rd party games! i mean whats to lose? us the consumers want the most out of our products! don't we?

Summons751814d ago

I was planning the ps3 version but when they announced it for the wiiu and showed some gamepad features I thought were an excellent ideas I decided I wanted to play it on the wiiu. That and assassins creed 3 was a great experience on the wiiu.

1814d ago
Kevlar0091814d ago

It would be cool to see the gamepad used in something like MGS. Use it for visors, inventory, controlling a UAV simulatenously, detect weakpoints or the condition of enemy limbs, heartbeat sensor, etc.

AbortMission1814d ago

But MGS V is not on the Wii u..

gamer421814d ago

He said it "would" be cool. He never said it was going to be on Wii U.

thezeldadoth1814d ago

would be cool but unfortunately you "hardcore" gamers think its lame to have a Wii U and say the graphics are shit while at the same time praising ps3 graphics which have less capability.

i primarily play PC but the wii u will have the most unique games this gen. have fun with over the shoulder shooter #44, sci-fi FPS #98, and generic zombie game with tacky story #400

Abdou0231814d ago

Really want to lay it with the gamepad, but i think it's not worth it buying a console for 1 game.maybe 2 ( i'm also interested in Pikmin)

Misaka_x_Touma1814d ago

why are saying such thing early in a system life. If you had said that next year that be okay.

Williamson1814d ago

I'm probably going to grab the ps3 version since I enjoy getting trophies, but good to know Wii u version isn't getting screwed over like arkham origins.

Deku-Johnny1814d ago

I am definitely getting the Wii U version as I always go for the best version.

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