Hulu Plus Is Free For Xbox Live Members This Weekend

VG247: ''Hulu Plus is free for all Xbox Live members this weekend until Sunday, August 4. Usually you would need a Gold membership to access the service, but not this weekend, so hit up Hulu Plus on your 360 and enjoy.''

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Insomnia_841811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )


Go to and you will get two months of huluplus FREE.

Microsoft is letting you ACCESS the huluplus app(like you would on any other device and PC) for free only for a weekend and this is big news? Iol

I haven't seen any "news" mentioning the much better offer on PS3 where you actually get 2 MOTHS OF SUBSCRIPTION FREE and you don't even need PS+ to access the app, not only now, never!

Godmars2901810d ago

Thing is I just tried it and thought the XMB says two months, everything else is saying one week.

Insomnia_841810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

I did it two days ago, two months free.

shoddy1810d ago

Would it be free next week?

AutoCad1810d ago

actually xbox has that same offer up,part of The Awesomes promotion...
Good try though bro.

kreate1810d ago

That is true. But I think he's trying to say that u still need gold to access it on the xbox.

Heartnet1810d ago

so what? this is still good news...

i dont see how people can spin "free hulu plus on xbl gold" in a bad way or why they would for that matter...

if u have xbl and u dont have a hulu subscription... go you :)

and tehres no news for that cuz thats old news and no1 has made that... why dont you start a blog and write then and then submit it to n4g?

jeez some people just never pleased unless its about sony... cant people just be happy for others?

cleft51810d ago

Didn't know about this, just did it. Thanks a lot, 2 months free is amazing and they have the subbed version of One Piece. You are truly legendary.

1810d ago
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Saints941811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Two days is bum.

NukaCola1811d ago

2 days....come on, that's such a weak offer. H+ is $8 a month. Could of given a week at least.

HammadTheBeast1810d ago

Lol. I found this funny, I don't know why.

Kingthrash3601810d ago

two day free....AWSOME!.....oh wait, i dont have my gold subscription...I must pay for this free content now bummer.....I wonder if x1 will have this same "must have gold to play apps" BS.

Heartnet1810d ago

most likely as thats the model there running now and there is nothing wrong with it...

if u buy a xbox to watch hulu thats ur choice and u must pay the extra fee... u dont want to pay the extra fee go on ur tablet or pc and watch it...

its not bs just cause u do not like it... for most people with an xb this isnt even an issue, the people making a fuss about it dont even play on the xbox or even own one which is the funny thing

Kingthrash3601810d ago

lol xbot^^^
you like fees?
I dont. and ill use my ps3 or 4 for hulu and let it take over my living room.....I swear for a console who's sole purpose is to take over your living room sure isn't doing it the smart way just to line thier pockets.
its just funny how you'd like to have a pay wall to access something you paid for.
same with the ads...if I pay for gold I dont want ads.. period.
but hey ms has you and thats fine enjoy hulu and cable and whatever else your over paying for ms appreciates it.

Heartnet1810d ago

over paying... no i dont over pay :) ms wants $5 a month sure ill pay that but i wont pay $6 and over pay as u suggest...

and ads? MS let me know whats on offer and whats avliable on their service? hell i wudnt have known about half of their stuff if it wasnt advertise... they advertise relevant stuff to gamers on their console which is fine by me so i dont have to dig the stuff up myself..

and calling me an xbot cuz I pay for services i deem worth it? why did u bring up ps3 or 4 when i can acess them both from a tablet phone or pc and link to my tv using cables? i mentioned other sources did you not see?

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