PS3 Exclusive JRPG Tears to Tiara II: Descendants of the Overlord Gets Titillating Preorder Bonuses

Aquaplus’ Tears to Tiara II: Descendants of the Overlord is going to be released exclusively on PS3 in Japan on October the 23rd, but the developer already released some info about the preorder bonuses offered for the game.

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Fullmetalevolust1694d ago

can we petition to bring these games to the US/EU?
They look great, like Strategy JRPGs are supposed to be.
Very reminiscent of Shining Force.
Does anyone know if any of these have been translated?
I'm dying to purchase them but I don't know Japanese.

1694d ago
Task1694d ago

Sadly, they(as in the PSP or PS3 games) haven't been Translated(I dunno about Unofficially for either of those). The PC Version of the first game was translated, but it's an H-Game.
Though, the PS3 version and the PC version are different games entirely(Ultimately the story is the same, PS3 version follows the Anime a bit as well). The PC version plays a bit like the PS1-2 Growlanser games, and the artwork is different as well, with the explicit content removed.

While the PS3 versions(Avalon no Nazo and Kakan no Daichi) plays like a standard SRPG. Sadly, they have been added under suggestions for games on several forums; Xseed and Atlus being two of them, they never got enough attention for a localization.

Tears to Tiara 2 looks pretty awesome(new Main Character, ftw!), and I was tired of Arawn before the first game even ended. I would've much rather had Arthur as the main character. So, a new Main Character makes me pretty excited. The likelihood of this being released officially is either low or zero percent. =(

Fullmetalevolust1694d ago

I have been able to see some gameplay and the retail prices for both ps3 titles aren't too bad, but a language barrier is too big of an obstacle for me to get into it, even with the English guides.
It's a damn shame bc those games truly are what I love to play, S-JPRGs with a nice lay out and fun gameplay.
I also read that it's text heavy, so yet another hurdle. ;(