Jann Mardenborough GT Academy 2011 winner interview: from avid gamer to professional racer

VVV: "As another crop of drivers enter this year's GT Academy, Alan popped along to the London O2 Wildcard event where some last minute hopefuls were competing for a coveted spot in the GT Academy 2013 UK finals. Jann was on-hand to talk to us about his first experience with racing games, reflect on his memorable time with the GT Academy 2011 and muse about his future aspirations as a young racing driver."

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ZodTheRipper1812d ago

Who would've thought that the GT Academy will get this big. This is definately helping gaming in general getting a better reputation and acceptability.

GenericNameHere1812d ago

I don't GT Academy is a "surprised hit", considering GT is still a huge franchise, and has a really dedicated fanbase.

1812d ago
PeEsFour1812d ago

Never played Gran Turismo, should i get GT6? How is the gameplay? real simulation?

Finalfantasykid1812d ago

There is (was?) a demo for GT Academy, which is essentially GT6 designed around the GT Academy competition. I'm pretty sure GT Academy entries are closed, but I think you can still play the demo.

1812d ago