Check Out 137 Minutes of Gameplay of the God Eater 2 Demo on PS Vita

The God Eater 2 Demo is out in Japan for PS Vita and PSP, but downloading it on your PS Vita may prove a tad laborious due to the not exactly efficient account restrictions.
If you want to see how the game actually looks in motion, here are a whopping 137 minutes of gameplay distributed in 9 videos.

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H4all1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

i have play the demo.. and it is awesome..
so much improvement... i love it..
when in on screen.. it's so beautiful with that LED screen..
i play demo on both version.. PSP / PSVITA..

Abriael1754d ago

Yeah, me too (just on Vita, don't have a PSP anymore), I really want this game in English...

1754d ago
Th4Freak1754d ago

Indeed, its awesome however I found myself fighting to control the camera, it was very frustrating, I hope they fix it before the release.

tubers1754d ago

I played a lot of the PSP and VITA demos.

The PSP, albeit looking much worse had a much stable framerate.

It's like the Toukiden demo for PSP vs PSV.

I hope that GE2 Retail has better framerates and gets LOCALIZED!

mitchell11881753d ago

Maybe it'll end up being god eater 2 burst?Lol :b

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contradictory1754d ago

ahh... interesting.
i skipped the first God Eater on psp
largely due to my psp's battery eating a bag

Abriael1754d ago

can still get it on the PSN for the Vita. It's worth it IMHO.

ohbaby1754d ago

Actually had fun playing the first on Vita, cant wait to import this, but there are two downsides; my lack of understanding Japanese and the release of the wallet killers.

TheGrimReaper00111754d ago

I never played God Eater
Is this a ... JRPG?!
Sign me up!

DialgaMarine1754d ago

I hope this game comes out in the US. Then MH4 and Crapcom can suck it!

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