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GIZORAMA - Looks can be deceiving. What deterred me from the original Pikmin titles were their cute visuals. Pikmin 3 may look like a kids game on the outside, but at its core, it’s a violent, brilliant and brutal real time strategy title that wholeheartedly embraces the theme of survival of the fittest.

The planet Koppai has used up the remains of its natural food supply and is looking for a fertile world to borrow seeds from so it can start anew. After locating the prosperous planet PNF-404, Captain Charlie and his two shipmates Britanny and Alph are separated when their ship, the SS Drake, crash lands. While stuck on the planet, the three must locate the ship’s cosmic drive while working alongside a cute and dangerous group of mini creatures called Pikmin.

The story is a light-hearted tale with some extremely dark undertones. Several crew members are stranded on an unknown planet and must treat every day as if it were their last. The greatest part of the narrative is the main characters. My favorite protagonist is Captain Charlie: a heavily experienced, lone ranger-esque space explorer who can’t bear to be apart from his rubber ducky. If it weren’t for the characters, the plot would’ve come off as stale.

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