Online Retailer Selling Vitas For $109.99

Looking to get your grubby mitts on a Playstation Vita in time for Killzone: Mercenary’s release next month? Online retailer is currently offering a killer deal of the day with their pre-owned Vitas for a steal at just 109.99.

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LOGICWINS1877d ago

My friend actually wanted to sell me his Vita with an 8GB card yesterday for $100 Amazon credit. Too bad I don't like buying consoles used.

Tewi-Inaba1877d ago

It's a vita I doubt it was used that much.

I'm joking
don't hang me

LOGICWINS1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

My friend says he only used it two or three times, which is believable since he's not really a gamer, but more of a collector. His brother(the gamer in the family) got a Vita as a gift from his gf, so theres no need for two Vitas in the household.

I'm waiting for Sony to announce a KZ: Mercenary bundle with special artwork on the console, similar to the red GOW PSP.

Killzoner991876d ago

There's many amazing games available on the Vita and there has been for a while now. Anyone who owns a Vita can attest to that.

cee7731877d ago

Its sold out already lol

DragonPs41877d ago

I bought a ps3 used at gamestop and it lasted about 4 years.

Master-H1877d ago

Mostly bathroom usage... Lol

Starbucks_Fan1877d ago

It has scratches though....

chito1016d1877d ago

Machinima announced that the PS vita will be bundled the ps4 before the end of the yr for around 500.

dead_pixels1877d ago

If it stays below $550 that would be a really good deal, though I'm not sure many people would be interested in dropping that much coin all at once. I think Sony pretty much nailed what most gamers are willing to spend this holiday on a new system, though I could be wrong.

The_Troll_Whisperer1877d ago

People are dropping that amount for the Xbox One (including sales tax), so I don't know why it should be an issue to those who were looking for the same bundle.

kneon1877d ago

I think $550 is the max they would charge for such a bundle. Even at that price they are still making profit on the vita. If they want to get really aggressive they could put out such a bundle at $500.

At that price though they are basically selling the vita at cost. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, it could greatly improve market share which in turn leads to more developer interest followed by more games and ultimately more sales of Vitas.

TedCruzsTaint1877d ago

For $550, especially if it did end up $500, I would do that which I never do and actually purchase the thing around launch.
I am largely a PC gamer and tend to buy consoles near the end of their life-cycle where the system is cheap and there is a large list of exclusives. That said, I would like to own a Vita at this point and PS4 is really looking to be a solid system, so it might be worth it to me to just bite the bullet early on and get both at a great price.

tubers1877d ago

I watched it.

It's a rumor.

MorfiTM1876d ago

There won't be any announcement of PS4+PSVITA bundle at GamesCom. They will announce a price drop of vita to 149$. If you don't believe me just browse through chain-stores offers and you will see that they're already doing a price drop.

TomShoe1877d ago

Nah. I can buy games used, but not consoles themselves, they must always be new.

Nitrowolf21877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

because it gives us a better sense of security that they won't breakdown on us. It's almost like buying a Used car, you never know what you'll get and you really don't know how the previous owner really treated it. You could bu a used PS Vita, PS3, Xbox 360 and have it mysteriously break on you the next day without any warrenty.

Games are games, physical media that can't really be harmed, and if they were they wouldn't be sold to us. They usually don't cause damage at all.

dead_pixels1877d ago

To be fair, I've purchased used consoles in the past that have had less than stellar descriptions and been surprised that they've showed up in pretty decent shape. Many times a seller will describe an item in the harshest way possible to avoid potential issues with the customer when the item arrives. Not to say this always the case, it happens. Buying used is always a gamble though.

It's worth noting the seller is a Best Buy subsidiary. That said, they may judge their products more harshly than a private seller would.

Murad1877d ago

Strangely enough it hasn't been for me. When i bought a used Xbox 360 bundle with the kinect and a few stellar titles, I thought it was going to be somewhat broken, have scratches and what not. But to my surprise, it was pretty new looking and it didn't have any scratches of any sort. Super happy about that, that's for sure.

ABizzel11877d ago

I usually agree with always buying consoles new, but over $100 off is more than tempting even for me, too bad I already bought one.

dredgewalker1876d ago

Bought my Vita used, it was a gamble but I was lucky since I got one that was barely used and had free 4gb and 8gb cards plus two vita games. It's easy to tell if a handheld is properly taken care of if it still looks very good and with very little scratches. If it doesn't have any scratches then it most likely hasn't been dropped. Also the Vita is a very robustly built portable console and I haven't heard much issues regarding any hardware faults.

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