Let's be frank about sexism and double standards

Blogger recounts how his pointing out of hypocrisy of the Polygon reviewer who faulted Dragon's Crown for its objectification of women got him banned from Polygon, blocked on twitter and had posts removed from various spots on the internet

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SuperSteve1879d ago

"Modern feminism isn’t about equality: just making men play by women’s rules & be what women want them to be."

~ @HelixSundown (via twitter)

Yeah, pretty much.

cleft51879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

The sad thing is that there is a lot of sexism left in this world, but this misguided one sided focus on the issues of gender discrimination only serves to hinder the true movement.

Simply put, for every ridiculous claim that clearly has nothing to do with sexism but simply someones poor reaction to sexualized material or images it lowers the impact of claims of true sexism and objectification. Basically a case of crying wolf when there is nothing there.

Because of this it has become hard to take a lot of claims of sexism and objectification seriously and that creates a real problem. True feminism is not a bad thing at all. But this new twisted take of feminism serves to greatly hurt the cause.

SuperSteve1879d ago

You know, if you replace "feminism" with "racism", or any other "ism" for that matter, your argument still applies? THAT is sad.

rextraordinaire1879d ago

That's very well said, sir, and indeed a sad truth.

pabadamus11879d ago

A very well articulated analysis.

HakatoX1879d ago

isn't the term "feminazi"?

Kevin ButIer1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

lol this game is getting more attention by this crap than by the actual game... which I've heard is pretty good... I wonder if anyone is getting this game just for the big boobs...

BlackOni1879d ago

It's sad. it's something I've been saying for years. Sexism is a two way road. Just because something is sexualized doesn't make it sexist. I really wish this whole "sexism in games" trope would go away. Sex exists in every form of media, and applies to both genders. Let's just move on and get to ENJOYING our games.

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VTKC1879d ago

hear hear!
There is this advert aired in my country about chocolate. Its starts off by two women sitting in a theatre ready to watch a performance. The women talk to each other in a sophisticated upper class English manner with (I cant remember the exact lines but it went something like this)-"ooh these are the best seats to see the performance inspired by the grand bulge etc".
Then pan over to the stage and about 5 muscley toned men started to take their clothes off and dance accompanied by music.
I thought 1. What the fuck has this got to do with chocolate?
2. had this been the other way round where the 5 men were replaced by 5 pretty woman taking their clothes off and dancing would that been allowed?

Thank fuck women don't rule the world.

1879d ago
GreenRanger1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Let's be Frank/Francine about sexism and double standards.

^^Just avoided a shitstorm there.

blusoops1879d ago

Haha!! I see what you did there...

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Kyosuke_Sanada1879d ago

Stay classy Polygon........

Megaton1879d ago

Feminists and cowardly white knight media need to stop their war on voluptuous female characters. Frankly, it's sexist and I'm offended.

VTKC1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

feminists are probably old women and real ugly and insecure about their self image. Feel bitter that they are no longer OR never wanted by the opposite sex for whatever reason.

Because I cant imagine why a man would complain.

dredgewalker1878d ago

I've never seen a pretty feminist in my life. And for the life of me I've never had a decent conversation with one. They just seem to be a group of women full of insecurities and resentment.

corvusmd1879d ago

Feminists only care about sexism when it benefits them..this is no surprise, it's always been like that. They only fight for benefits and never for more responsibilities. Have you ever heard a feminist say that women should get paid the same (without actually looking into if the same job is actually being done/same tenure/same experience...etc) and at the same time say that women should be buying gifts and dinner for men and spend the same amount on wedding rings and take their men on vacations? When feminists fight saying that women should be allowed to fight in combat on the front lines, have you heard a single feminist say that this means that women should also have to register for the draft? When feminists say that the world objectifies women (then they immediately turn around and objectify men) do they get mad at the women that purposely USE this to get what they want, and do they get mad when every single commercial/show/movie has no problem making dads/men look like stupid morons that can't do anything right while the mother/woman can do no wrong? If the tables were turned on this last one there would be hell to pay...imagine if every commercial you watched was kinda like "(husband to wife) Honey you're so stupid, you bought the wrong insurance, we can't trust you to do anything right". That's how all these groups are, it's not about equality at all, it's about being the squeaky wheel and just annoying everyone until you get what you want.

NegativeCreep4271879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Ur on the right track. Father Tom Leykis would be proud.

I honestly believe that underneath it all women or quote unquote feminists really only care about obtaining unfair advantages over men and do not believe in the word "equality" as it is formally defined. Women do not want equality, they want special treatment.

Just because u were born with a vagina, doesnt mean u cant learn to move heavy furniture around or fix ur own car.

...UH OH! I guess I'm now considered a Sexist by saying that.

HakatoX1879d ago

ever hear a feminist say they are willing to put the toilet seat up when they are done?

Shadowstar1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

"Feminists only care about sexism when it benefits them..this is no surprise, it's always been like that."

I care most about sexism when it infringes on my rights, yes. If sexism is infringing on your rights, perhaps you should try complaining? I simply don't have the time or energy to directly fight your battles as well as mine. If they come up in concert, I'll fight them though. Sometimes they overlap. I hate that women have to look at all men as rapists, but society requires us to, by doing this stupid narrative that men can't avoid raping a woman who's drunk. I mean, what kind of man thinks it's okay to say that men have the self-control of a duck? I'll fight that. You know what else I hate? That women are the sole caretakers of children and wholly responsible for them, and that men are hardly ever given custody of their kids because of it. That's crap on both sides.

And just so you can stop complaining about this: if women are allowed to fight in the front lines, then yes, they should have to sign up for the draft too. I would prefer by far that neither sex be drafted, so if the draft were implemented, I'd fight against that instead. I choose my battles, as should you, but don't take that to mean that I don't care about the ones I don't choose to fight.

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