Darkstalkers Deserves Better, Capcom: Why Resurrection Failed & Why The Series Still Needs A Chance

Masoud House of DualShockers takes a look back at the promise Capcom made to fans on bringing back the Darkstalkers series, why Darkstalkers: Resurrection was a poor way of gauging fan interest and a poor excuse to deny fans a true sequel, and why this company philosophy will hurt not just Darkstalkers, but other Capcom franchises.

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Maddens Raiders1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Yeah I love the series and bought DS:R day one on PSN. I just don't understand what the hell is going on inside the house of Capcom that has made them seemingly turn on gamers.

I am so saddened by this and you're comment although harsh, amplifies how they've gone off the rails with their most important constituents.

chaos_mechanica1878d ago

I feel like they're trying to be extra careful: take no risks. And by finding reasons to delay the start of new projects, they can put off trying anything new. They figured the HD remakes would be an easy way to make tons of cash, by using our nostalgia to win our wallets: but there's but so long until that gets old and we just want a new go at our favorite games.

I love Darkstalkers: but there's no doubt that the character inputs are too outdated, long and complicated (some special moves require what feels like... ten seconds to pull off, IF you do it correctly), there has been no truly new content since the 90s, and even by fighting game standards there's been no type of real narrative for gamers to follow.

But instead of giving the game a new coat of paint and make it appealing to old fans and prospective new gamers, they keep avoiding it. At least Devil May Cry got DmC, but then they tried to predict what gamers wanted without consulting gamers on what they wanted! Makes no sense.

1879d ago
MrTrololo1879d ago

Capcom is gonna make it worse anyway. The Capcom we all known and love is long gone dead.

Fullmetalevolust1879d ago

It needed an SF4 style make over. I played the games on my Saturn and they looked just as well as the ports found on PSN.

jc485731879d ago

The only HD remake I bought from Capcom was Devil May Cry HD. It simply packs more value for what you pay.

Knushwood Butt1879d ago

For a start, only including 2 of the 3 games was lame.

I still have the PS2 compilation that includes all 3.

Also, where do they get off calling these games HD when all they do is upscale them? The only game they really worked on was Super Turbo, and that never even got a release in Japan. All the others have just been lazy upscaled ports with online thrown in.

I do confess to buying the Third Strike and JoJo ports, but only because they were half price.

chaos_mechanica1878d ago

Exactly how I felt.

As I said in my article, I purchased Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower, a decade old game. It has all three games (in its own way), and looks just as good. The PS2 compilation has all of them, and pretty much looks the same. So throwing in 2 of the 3 (taking a page from their "Marvel Origins" compilation, I guess) and charging games $15 isn't going to properly gauge interest. Especially not for a game with long, complicated, unfriendly inputs, which would scare away prospective new fans, and rehashed content we've had for years now, which annoys old fans.

But anyway, there comes a point where you just get annoyed with these compilations and want something new. For people with limited income (myself included, most weeks) I have to delegate where my money is spent diligently. I'd much rather spend it on something truly unique than waste it on something that I have on my PS Vita, PSP, PS2, and PSOne (I still have Darkstalkers 3 on PSX disc).

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