Microsoft Recruiting Players to Hunt Xbox Trolls

A common complaint of online gaming in its present form is the prevalence of toxic players who make the experience unnecessary miserable for others with their behavior. Often, such people are found on Xbox Live, and Microsoft is rolling out a pair of new initiatives to help hunt down their trolls.

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chestnut11221879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Hahahahahahahaha! This Made My Day! LOL!

Take it Easy MS, Take it Easy ^_^

Wii U will be there to save You from a Heart attack ^_^

Edit: Angry Joe take these as a warning LOL!

pedrof931879d ago

MinnesotaBurns and M3RKMUSIC are doomed.

ApolloTheBoss1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I was just about to say that. Better go warn those guys lol.

ArmrdChaos1879d ago

I can already picture Balmer the Lump sitting in his corner office watching them hang another carbonite frozen troll on his wall.

M-M1879d ago

MinnesotaBurns is not a troll, he's just a grown man that bullies little kids on Xbox Live.

The_Sneauxman1879d ago

Well that COMPLETELY changes the outlook

HammadTheBeast1878d ago

And makes a ridiculous amount of money while doing it. He just got a new Benz this year.

ChrisW1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Just about everyone on my "ignore" list are prime troll candidates!~

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dedicatedtogamers1879d ago

This is great news! Mods never abuse their power and gamers always behave themselves online. What a wonderful idea, Microsoft!

ZodTheRipper1879d ago

Disagrees missed the sarcasm lol

dark-hollow1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

"There will be a system of checks and balances in place so players aren’t just arbitrarily punished"

It's good to read the articles every once in a while. It might be not perfect, but we will have to wait and see.

sobotz1879d ago

I think it's a great idea

"There will be a system of checks and balances in place so players aren’t just arbitrarily punished, though I expect there will be some level of false positives as always tends to happen with “tribunal” style community judgment systems like this one.

That said, I think it’s a good idea and could help, at least to some degree, to make gaming on Xbox Live more livable."

it will makes the community less SARA and griefers

SuperSteve1879d ago

5 mods disagreed with you.

nukeitall1879d ago


That is a pretty dumb response!

Let me rephrase it for you:

"Police officers never abuse their power and citizens always behave themselves".

Does that mean we should not have cops?

This is an overall thing intended to improve the online community, just like how MS has a Xbox Live Enforcement team to handle abuse cases and respond to customer needs.

MS is the only one of all the online gaming platform provides that I know of, including Sony and Nintendo.

MS just stepped up their game too!

The_Con-Sept1879d ago

Watchout! Nukeitall is a narc!

All I see are a bunch of ill willed gamers. If you can't take the heat then hit the fucking mute button. If they send you hate mail then block them. If somehow you want to enact revenge on them then become a tattle tail.

Cyber bullying only works if you let it. Have a stronger mind. Make shit up about them, roll with the punches. Throw some back. It is when you let yourself get cornered is where you will get hurt.

Again cyber bullying only hurts if YOU let it hurt you. You have mute and block options. USE THEM.

sAVAge_bEaST1879d ago


"The only thing we have to Fear, is Fear it's self."

"Don't start no shit, there won't be no shit."

Blackdeath_6631878d ago

i just know its gonna be abused and people are gonna get banned for absolutely nothing

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MizTv1879d ago

Well they better get a fn army

GribbleGrunger1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

This is nothing more than a policy to undermine tolerance and understanding. One man's 'punish' is another man's 'friend'. I can see factions springing up that target particular types, and who will those types be? Who will decide what the 'norm' is? It sounds sterile and unfriendly.

What's more, MS have the freedom to define what is acceptable or not. A few comments in articles such as 'We're trying to do something about the people who just complain for the sake of it' and the hive mind takes over.

"Are you my friend or are you gathering information so you can decide whether to punish me or not?"

Not a place I'd want to be.

GribbleGrunger1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

To those people who disagree with the above comment. Imagine applying this to N4G. At the moment there is an imbalance of forum users in favour of Sony. I think we can all agree with that. Given that fact, do Xbox fans really think the 'influence' of this site wouldn't be against them? Yes there are balanced fans who would be fair minded, but there are some fans who will keep voting against you even if you had a good point.

Think about it. This is not a good idea.

edit: think about what I'm saying here metaphysically. Of course you aren't going to get the level of division you get here on this site, it was just the strongest point to make.

trafalger1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

"Not a place I'd want to be."

yet you choose to reside here. a place that rewards stealth trolling and controversial topics.

people often complained about xbox live players so if they can try and improve it why not? of course no system can be perfect but if they can at least somehow get rid of the worst annoyers and isolate them from those who just want to have fun im all for it.

a paying customer should have a choice of who they want to play with. whether it be by age or language. just lumping everyone together like weve been doing for years simply isnt working for everyone. my hope is this will educate people on how to conduct themselves. i know that is false hope because some just dont like have any rules set in front of them but if it means they will have a harder time playing people they will be forced to do something about it or go somewhere else.


"Yes there are balanced fans who would be fair minded, but there are some fans who will keep voting against you even if you had a good point."

but does n4g take peoples history into consideration? i imagine this new service will gather information. so if you always leave bad feedback it will know your patterns. the one worry is people leaving bad feedback just because they lost. thats not what this is supposed to monitor. its supposed to monitor those who team kill, drive backwards in racing games or just cause chaos and irritate others. if everyone notifies the system that player a always sings and annoys people then the system will automatically notify that player before it gets tot he point your on the avoid list or your microphone has been permanently disconnected.

the system also can act as a pvr for a few minutes. so any serious stuff can be monitored. whats stopping gamers from uploading video to the moderators and providing evidence?

dark-hollow1879d ago

Xbox live is not a gaming forum where you have two/three separate fanbases with their own biases and opinion.

It's either good gamers who act like a mature person and "lol I pwoned ur mom you n***ir"

GribbleGrunger1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

@trafalger: Got to say that's a great response and I'm reconsidering. I still think if they're not careful it could get out of hand.

Bubble for making me think. (helpful)

n4rc1879d ago

Sore losers are easy to spot..

They report 2-3 people every single game and only on the other team, then your votes get less weight for example.

Its possible to make this new system work.. Hopefully they can

ironwolf1879d ago

Might just be what this site needs if you ask me.

maniacmayhem1879d ago


It's a shame that you only have three bubbles. It is really is refreshing to see a comment that just explains a counter point without ripping into someone. Something I need (and will) to do myself.


And bubbles to you for seeing his point and not lashing back.

nukeitall1878d ago

If there is a lot of different opinions, it tends to even out.

It is system of bounds and checks, not to accept extremes where moderators with infinite power exercises their power to further their biased agenda like on

This is intended for the masses to maintain and to let the masses decide what is acceptable and what extreme is not.

I hope MS connects this to facebook, because when you are forced to put a face and identity to it, your behavior changes significantly for the better.

warczar1878d ago

I think your on to something nuke. attaching a face to the name, I think, would go a long way toward eliminating some of the offensive stuff that's out there. but really, what is offensive to one person is funny to another. where do we draw the line?

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1879d ago
GraveLord1879d ago

This has nothing to do with forums or comments. It's about voice chat.

CaptainFaisal1879d ago

Recruit me ! trololololololol

StoutBEER1879d ago

N4G and gaming sites everywhere gotta love the console wars. They are getting so many hits right now.

1879d ago
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Hellsvacancy1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

So that's why I got a letter bomb this morning, the Xcops have been round

I wonder if you get a badge next to your screen name so they know, you are the law

Is this a serious article?

ZodTheRipper1879d ago

This came to mind

And yes, it's serious ...not a bad idea if executed right.

sobotz1879d ago

It will be voted by the community itself, so people who are selected will have responsibility for its community, it won't be a random jerk that ban people for no reason

ApolloTheBoss1879d ago

Well, now... This should be entertaining. Trolls beware lol.

Insomnia_841879d ago

Is the problem with trolls and such so serious in. XBL that something like this had to be implemented?

I've been gaming online on PSN since February 2007 and I don't see a point in this based on my experience on PSN. Is the problem that bad on XBL?

sobotz1879d ago

There will always be some griefers and douches in some community, especially COD kids that sometimes give you a message that contains racist/bad language. (from my experience)

DiRtY1878d ago

It is as bad as in every community. Please don't make a PSN vs XBL thing out of this.

Anyway, this is an enhanced reporting system. The idea is that trolls, jerks and cheaters play against trolls, jerks and cheaters. I like the idea to be honest.

Garethvk1879d ago

The sad thing is that anything that is said that in any way questions any aspect of the MS product line gets their wrath. Look on here, articles that have been approved get failed days later due to people writing in and complaining.

MikeyDucati11878d ago

Yea it's really bad I noticed and I just signed up this year. The immaturity levels are so high.

hardcorehippiez1878d ago

1st wave of bans incoming. dont worry you can always go out and buy another to help microsoft inflate those numbers ;D