Atlus Shows More Signs of Recovery: The Atlus D Shop is Back

The popular Japanese online shop selling Atlus merchandise Atlus D Shop uncerimoniously closed down a couple months ago, just before the whole affair of Index Corporation’s bankruptcy, but now that the auction for the sale of the house of Persona is going unexpectedly well, there seem to be signs of recovery.

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Donnieboi1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

YES!! Hopefully this means Kadokawa is going to be their majority share holder!!! Yipee!!! Now all of Atlus's divisions can continue as before: Games, Publishing, Movies, Manga, and Music. Kadokawa would work like a Holding company, so that means they would give Atlus tons of room to do as they please, and they would support them financially without too much interference. It's the ultimate scenario for a company like Atlus who loves their freedom and still wants to continue publishing and translating other, smaller dev's games directly. Plus Kadokawa is good since they do lot's of stuff like games, and manga, films, etc

I'm so freaking happy, but still scared to get my hopes too high. We'll see, but for now this is great news!

@Abriael (Below): Atlus makes their own films, movies, and music. HOWEVER, Aniplex (a Sony company) produced and distributed the films and soundtracks (not the comics), so when you say "handled", then yes, Atlus does "handle" their own stuff because they are the directors, but when it comes to the manga's it may not be the case. However, when it comes to music and movies, Atlus directs it, with help from Sony financially. However, their relationship does not mean that Sony owns them in any way. Of course, if Atlus is bought by a 3rd party, Aniplex would continue to HELP with the making of movies and music as a joint partnership, but Atlus OWNS all of it's own movies and music. It's just a financial partnership. So by "handle", if you mean directing and owning--then yes, ATLUS has a handle on their own stuff, independently.

Abriael1878d ago

Just a note. Movies, Manga and Music were never handled directly by Atlus :D

Donnieboi1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

@Abriael: Yeah it was "Aniplex" (a Sony SCE company)who did it. Man, am i glad that it might be Kadokawa! If Enterbrain is a part of them, then that's very good! Especially since they are the makers of games like RPG Maker. It doesn't get more Niche than that!

I was worried about the publishing wing of Atlus, Atlus USA, their translation/import/export teams, films, movies, etc but if Kadokawa gets them than it's all going to remain as business as usual. Which is best for EVERYONE, especially Atlus's employee's who would be out of jobs if all those departments in Atlus were of no use anymore (there's no way 1st party acquisitions (or even some 3rd party one's) would support Atlus being able to still publish on their own (let alone do all those other miscellaneous things like films). But by having a Parent/Holding company relationship, and Atlus as it's subordinate, Atlus can remain entirely independent as if there was no transfer from their former parent (Index). It's brilliant!

gamer421877d ago

Well Index owes a massive debt to Kadokawa so it wouldn't suprise me if they pick Atlus up.

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contradictory1878d ago

sounds good to me.
also that dragons crown poster jumping to the top
not really surprising haha :D

jc485731878d ago

for a company that is facing problems on who is going to buy them, they seem to be doing just fine.

PrimeGrime1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

I'll be picking up my copy of Dragons Crown on the 6th along with that kick ass art book.