DC Universe Online producer will 'celebrate' moving away from PS3

DC Universe Online executive producer Larry Liberty can't wait for players to transition from PS3 to PS4, saying his team will "celebrate" once they no longer have to support Sony's aging console.

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wishingW3L1872d ago

"We have to figure out continually how to fit in memory on effectively a 220MB system--that's how much system RAM we have on PS3."

not even close to 256MB!

pixelsword1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

Maybe the rest is taken up by the system? I'm not sure, just putting that out there.

hakis861872d ago

Yeah, the rest of the RAM is probably for OS etc.

Well at least this is good news for people playing on PC/PS4 - knowing that sometime (way too far:( ) into the future we might see better graphics, physics, advanced effects etc.
It is by far not the best looking Unreal Engine 3 game out there, so it could use a boost in visual goodiness ;)

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SaffronCurse1872d ago

I just want my Ps4 right now.

hakis861872d ago

I second that.... !-_-!

MajorLazer1872d ago

November cannot come soon enough :'(

a08andan1872d ago

I want to make gaming-love to my ps4, but it is far to busy being delicious!

pixelsword1872d ago

You sound like a female praying mantis, lol.

The_Truth_24_71872d ago

My purchases better transfer over to the PS4.

JakemanPS319941872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

they intend to do it but dont have it locked down.

RIP_Cell1872d ago

a lot of developers will celebrate

Hicken1872d ago

Gamers, too, like me.

I've put so many hours into DCU. Can't wait to move it to the new generation and keep it going.

Drabent1872d ago

LOL universe should of been f2p from the start, remember getting kicked from servers for 3 months. Btw no it was NOT my connection, bf3,cod, nor FFXI kicked me.

Skate-AK1872d ago

Weird. Never happened to me.