The New Tier Of Consoles Will Finally Bury Split-Screen Gaming

"Ever since gaming began playing with a friend has not only been more enjoyable, but it has carried various benefits such as an additional competitive edge, moments that could be collectively remembered by two (or more) people (remember "cheating" by looking at the other player's portion of the screen?) and overall, arguably left a higher sense of achievement (considering you were the 'winner')."

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Chris121813d ago

Nothing beats a lads night in with some beers, pizza and gaming.

Split screen gaming should never die. End of.

shibster881813d ago

Damn right thats what consoles are for.

Mystogan1813d ago

What do you have against splitscreen? That is one of the few reason to get a console.

steve30x1813d ago

Myself and my brother love to play Gran Turismo in split screen. I would hate to see split screen die

BullyMangler1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

yea split screen was fun stuff groing up playing racers 007 etc .. but now spLit screen is annoying due to peeking whereabouts and screen crunch ..

its 2013 and ps4 still with spLit screen ? ha ha haaa

. . Nintendo finally puts an end to split-screen with the wiiU gaming pad = next gen stuff < fact

Nintendo is so ahead of ALL its funny.

Kyosuke_Sanada1813d ago

I'll take a bit of screen watching over a lag kill or cheater online anyday. AT least if the person is douche I can physically deal with them myself.....

Lawndart19811813d ago

Nothing beat being able to reach across the couch and actually hit your buddy for being an a$$ in the old days of GoldenEye and Perfect Dark on the N64... especially when you got to highjack the big screen TV in the dorm lobby on a Tuesday night

LucasEVille1813d ago

As much as I love borderlands 2 on co-op over live, nothing beats playing local split screen.

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The story is too old to be commented.