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Ryse: Son of Rome has a petition to bring the game on PC

You can now sign a petition to get Ryse Son of Rome on PC, if you believe in these things. (PC, Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

trywizardo  +   447d ago
loooool ... you really don't thing that MS will drop its epic swords exclusive game for PC . i really don;t think so
BiggCMan  +   447d ago
I was hearing at E3 that the game practically plays itself with all the QTE's that you cannot fail at all? I don't recall if that's 100% accurate, but if it is, I have zero interest in the game any more.

It looks good otherwise, nice graphics, nice gore etc.. And I don't mind QTE's at all, I do love Heavy Rain and God of War. But when you can't fail them, and the game practically moves on anyways, that ruins everything entirely.

I won't bother with this petition.

EDIT: Yea here it is, this just makes no sense to me.

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JokesOnYou  +   447d ago
BiggCMan, Where have you been theres been hands on which contrast Kotakus old impression of the game, they made the demo very easy to save time for the E3 presentation, which was more of an advertisement for the cinematics than the gameplay. Here is a vid about all the background work they were intending to showcase with the demo at E3.

"San Diego Comic Con 2013: Xbox One Hands-On Impressions"

"This Roman war mongering simulator looks incredible. The combat isn't all about doling out repeated Quick Time Events, which is something I was relieved to learn about. As it turns out, the QTE's are definitely optional. There's no penalty for skipping them entirely, either. I had a blast just cutting up hapless soldiers and just moving on to the next one without ending their lives with a brutal QTE. Each button pertains to a different piece of equipment (the sword, shield block and shield bash/kick counter)."

"When facing off with multiple enemies, the complexity of the game's battles become a bit more prevalent. It pays off to know exactly when to block, slash and counter all the enemies that surround you. Paying attention to character animations plays a large part in knowing how to approach certain battle situations. The QTE's aren't the focus of this historical beat 'em up. Thank God for that (or the developers themselves)."
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DonFreezer   447d ago | Trolling | show
trywizardo  +   447d ago
@biggCMan mmmmmmmmmm IDK how to explain all the stuff in the game ill try a few though ...
1-these are finishers not QTE so you can skip them and kill enemies in old fashion boring way if you want to
2-there are more than 100 animation of finishers depends on how good you're in them and in what side of enemy you choose to finish and some will be unlocked when you're really good at them
3-the game is really brutal you can see legs sawed off
so yeah if you want to skip skip , but for me its one of the best next gen games
(look at the behind the scenes video in youtube to see what im talking about)
LordNikon  +   447d ago

Just so you know, crappy gameplay is far worser than crappy graphics. But Evolution did say, their graphics has been improving a lot lately. And Crytek did say their gameplay won't look as bad as it did at E3. So i believe both can turn out to be a lot better than what they looked like at E3.
opinska  +   447d ago
shut up, you won't get this one on PC lol >:)
RebeccaCBermudez   447d ago | Spam
fermcr  +   447d ago
If every X1 exclusive comes to PC, then what's the point of having a X1 ?

Microsoft wants people to buy a X1.

We don't see Sony or Nintendo bringing their main exclusives to PC.
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starchild  +   447d ago
Because as lots of console gamers make clear time and time again they don't want to game on PC. There is some overlap, but they are largely different markets.
3-4-5  +   447d ago
On PC, with mods, this game could actually become pretty awesome.
Alexious  +   447d ago
GrownUpGamer  +   447d ago
@ trywizardo
" loooool ... you really don't thing that MS will drop its epic swords exclusive game for PC . i really don;t think so "

Well is not a bad decision. In the minds of PS fanboys is a bad decision but in the mind of a gamer is great news for gamers. PC gamers and real gamers understand why.
starchild  +   447d ago
Among console focused gamers, it wouldn't really make a difference anyway. It wouldn't be playable on competing consoles.
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Belking  +   447d ago
It all depends on how well the games does on xbox-one. If it does well then don't expect a PC version anytime soon.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   447d ago
Waste of time with petitions. Only on xbox one is where gamers can play this game.
DragonKnight  +   447d ago
Don't be so sure. This is Crytek's game and they are first and foremost PC devs. The only way this game stays on Xbox One is if MS owns some kind of rights to it.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   447d ago
Its published by Microsoft.
DragonKnight  +   447d ago
So was Mass Effect 1.
elhebbo16  +   447d ago
it wouldn't be mind blowing if it comes to PC in later years... Mass Effect WAS a 360 you know.
PFFT  +   447d ago
Yes yes it was BUT you can bet your ass MS were the ones to give the go ahead and let that game release on the other consoles. And not only that im pretty sure they got something for it.
JokesOnYou  +   447d ago
Well DragonKnight that's called a legal loophole via a buyout, micro obviously agreed to for some undisclosed compensation, so unless you have some inside info that Crytek is about to be bought out by EA, your Mass Effect comparison means nothing. Microsoft is the publisher, Ryse is exclusive to X1. Ryse looks like its going to be a kickass game so I'm not surprised PC and sony fans are so interested in its status.
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DragonKnight  +   447d ago
@JokesOnYou: I'm not interested in Ryse's status at all. To me it looks very casual, relies too heavily on QTE's and is riddled with Crytek's "looks over gameplay" style. I simply pointed out that Crytek is a primarily PC developer and it's not out of the realm of possibility that Ryse can go to the PC. EA buying out Bioware doesn't create a legal loophole that allows for past works to break any already established agreements. The law will only allow for that as of the writing of the contract and any future projects unless otherwise stated in the contract and agreed upon by involved parties.

It's also easily possible for MS to only have publishing rights and no IP rights. That means that as soon as the time limit, if one was established, in the publishing contract is up then Crytek can put their game wherever they want.

Don't be surprised if it shows up on the PC in the future.

@trafalger since I know you're so interested in what I'm saying and will show up: I don't care about the PC, but that doesn't mean I can't talk about it, so your links trying to discredit me because I talk about the PC are meaningless. Discussions aren't black and white situations.
JokesOnYou  +   447d ago
lol, You just said the same thing I said:

"The law will only allow for that as of the writing of the contract and any future projects unless otherwise stated in the contract and agreed upon by involved parties."= legal loophole

-Yeah of course it was some type of vague writing or even puposely written language which in this case obviously it opened the door to ME being published on another console by a different publisher due to the buyout of Bioware. I mean its a fact that micro once owned the publishing rights. Do you actually think Micro would let it be published on ps3 for good will or because EA came in the picture? In fact since the game only came over after a while after the buyout and no other micro published game has gone to ps3 ITS CLEAR that the buyout was the driving factor or do you believe all the 3rd party exclusives like Gears of War aren't on ps3 because Epic doesn't like sony fans money?

-Saying well because of one game this COULD happen for every other exclusive is like saying Naught Dog could do one of those deals internally with sony and go independent but its very, very unlikely.

btw heres the link I forgot to include for the San Diego Comic Com hands on impression comments I quoted above:
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DragonKnight  +   447d ago
@Jokes: Actually I wrote that out poorly. What I meant was this. EA could have bought Bioware, but that doesn't mean that they would be legally entitled to ownership of IPs that Bioware gave the rights to to another company BEFORE the buyout. Microsoft's rights would supersede EA's for Mass Effect 1. Only if Microsoft agreed to give up the rights to Mass Effect 1 in the original or a subsequent contract could EA then do whatever they wanted.

So when you say that Microsoft probably got something out of it, then yes I completely agree. However we don't know if MS owns the IP rights to Ryse or just the publishing rights. If MS own the IP rights to Ryse, then it will only go on PC if MS authorizes it. If just the publishing rights, then I'd be expecting Ryse on PC eventually.

Your Naughty Dog example is flawed due to the fact that Sony own Naughty Dog and all IPs they create, so the "legal loophole" you were discussing is impossible unless created by Sony.
JokesOnYou  +   447d ago
OK, I think we are saying the same thing, for the most part but hey either way if Micro is the publisher like every other game they've published besides ME= EA buyout then its pretty much exclusive. As for my Naughty Dog example, I'm correct because members inside of a company can always "opt out" and form a new studio if they are unhappy with the parent company, notice I never said take their IP's go with them although that's possible through negotiations, but they definitely can just go independent, again that would mean ND was extremely unhappy under sony which I know is NOT true, just saying its possible for anything to happen in business because its always just about leverage/money and as great as ND is sony does not have the ability or desire to keep them from moving on if that's what they wanted to do.
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DragonKnight  +   447d ago
Well yeah ND staff members could leave and form their own studio, doesn't mean the Xbox One will get Uncharted 1 through 3 though. It's not the same as Bioware being bought by EA and then EA working on MS to bring ME1 over to PS3.
NiteX  +   447d ago
I really don't see why anyone would want this game. If you're expecting much from it you will be disappointed. Of course this is just my opinion.
Spurg  +   447d ago
Well your opinion is meaningless because you haven't even played the game.
TRU3_GAM3R  +   447d ago
Of course this is just my opinion"

well you said it all.....
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CrimsonStar  +   447d ago
Can I borrow your crystal ball when you're done with it?
Seafort  +   447d ago
Can I sign a petition to NOT bring Ryse to PC?

I don't want another QTE type games. It was bad enough when they thought it was a good idea to add QTE to Tomb Raider and a few other games but I can't bare the thought of playing a game that has exclusively QTEs.
Belking  +   447d ago
"but I can't bare the thought of playing a game that has exclusively QTEs."

Then you better stay away from GOW and heavy rain....lol
Skips  +   447d ago
"exclusively QTEs."

"Then you better stay away from GOW"

You mean those QTE that only show up in boss fights??? LMFAO!!! XD

You're seriously reaching bud... Wouldn't even touch GOW if every SINGLE KILL ended with a QTE like Ryse...

Agree about Heavy Rain but in HR, it can actually change the story line...

Ryse's QTE's are just COMPLETELY unnecessary...
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DigitalRaptor  +   447d ago
Man, I wish I could understand how such fail is possible.

The guy is a PC gamer.

Anything that is an attack on Xbox or its games has to be somehow PlayStation related in your eyes. GOW and Heavy Rain are PlayStation games so what do they have to do with this guy or his comment? Fail.
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JokesOnYou  +   447d ago
DigitalRaptor, it isn't because its an attack on xbox, I disagree with him only because what he said doesn't make sense, for the following reasons.

#1 He mentioned "Tomb Raider and a few other games" and went on to say he "I can't bare the thought of playing a game that has exclusively QTEs.", which doesn't make sense because Tomb Raider is not exclusively QTE's, however I'm not sure what other pc games he's referring to are "exclusively QTE's"? Belking is correct about Heavy Rain, which is ALL QTE gameplay and its been highly regarded on this site. Ryse is nothing like HR.

#2 Clearly he doesn't know much about Ryse since its NOT "exclusively QTE's".

#3 PC has hundreds of games released each year, why as a PC gamer would he hope a game he doesn't care about come to the platform for those that do?

-It seems both you and Skips conveniently recognize when GOW QTE's occur but overlook that Ryse QTE's aren't really traditional QTE's at all, and more importantly you don't have to use them.
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Spurg  +   447d ago
But the thing is they already said ages ago that those weren't QTE. The combat is similar to the arkham series and is the same button prompt appears when batman has to do a finishing move.

Its not a cinematic event where you have to press a few buttons to win the battles. Notice he had to slash a few times to prompt the a button for a finishing move. And to get a better more rewarding finishing moves you have to chain combos and parry. The combat isn't simple as people seem to think it is.
ohbaby  +   447d ago
Exactly, but people have Sonective memory jk hehe, on a serious note. The developers have stated the game is NOT QTE heavy, it was only that way for the E3 demo.
starchild  +   447d ago
I'm a PC gamer, but I disagree with you.

First of all, Tomb Raider was an amazing game. The few QTE in the game didn't take away from the experience at all.

Second of all, I don't even plan to buy an XB1, but it's disingenuous to say that Ryse is all QTEs when we can clearly see that it is not. Previews have also said as much.

Third, it doesn't hurt you to have a game simply be available on the PC. Even if you don't like the game, there may be PC gamers that do. The more games available on a platform the better. If you don't like a game, don't buy it. Simple as that.
fsfsxii  +   447d ago
I'm gonna sign a petition... to bring Ryse to the Wii U
fsfsxii  +   447d ago
Appearently no one gets the joke
kewlkat007  +   447d ago
I wonder how better this game would look running a on a PC...
Alexious  +   447d ago
Surely better than on Xbox One, that's for sure.
byeGollum  +   447d ago
I'm sorry but, if you feel a gaming PC is all you need then be prepared to make some sacrifices such as, not having access to console exclusive titles. But ,if you're lucky enough, the games might make it to PC.
TRU3_GAM3R  +   447d ago
nice Gollum , honest..!:D
starchild  +   447d ago
If you restrict yourself to ANY single platform you are going to miss out on games.

PC, PS4, XB1, Wii U, Vita, 3DS, etc...they all have exclusives. You can either buy them all to make sure you never miss a single game, or you buy a couple platforms that best cover the majority of games you are interested in.
JsonHenry  +   447d ago
I am not sold on this game from what I have been shown so far. But I WANT to be sold on this game. So here is to hoping that it wows us all and becomes one of the great new games.
ohbaby  +   447d ago
I understand PC gamers wanting to play Ryse, but what I dont understand is why he said " It's not Fair" lol seriousy? The game has been in development on Xbox for a while now. Guess what guy, life isn't fair and can you really blame a company for trying to make money for their brand new console opposite the competition? Over the past few years many gamers have begun to become whinny b@$%hes, who think they are entitled to everything and even make threats to developers when they cant get their way. SMH its called life people, try living it and put down the keyboard and controller sometimes. Its a SCAAAAARRY WOOOORLD! Anyone wanna help me start a petition to bring Gears of War to the Vita
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starchild  +   447d ago
That's the way those petitions always sound.
ChubbyLover  +   447d ago
Why is it that one of the fanboys favorite reasons to tear down xbox is the fact some "exclusives" come out on PC yet when xbox does have its own 100% exclusive games all i hear is WHY ISNT IT ON DA PC!?!?

Sheesh, seems like people want the games offered on xbox after all... impressive for a system often marked as having very little or no games...
Jovanian  +   447d ago
we already have rome 2 which makes ryse look like a dumb joke
Alexious  +   447d ago
Well, they are two entirely different genres.
Hellsvacancy  +   447d ago
Wow, they hate our consoles but always want our games, funny old world
CapsLocke  +   447d ago
QTE the game? No thank you, you can keep it, xbox boys.

Who start these petitions?
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ohbaby  +   447d ago
This meme is over get a new one. Never heard God of War be called that, and that game has QTE's out the wazoo. I actually like GoW
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CapsLocke  +   447d ago
Do you really think we PC gamers want QTE junk, when we have a shit ton of other, better games?
PFFT  +   447d ago
The thing is that GOW was a $ony title therefore they dont hate on it. BUT since Ryse is an XBO exclusive title they hate the crap out of it for no apparent reason. yes no apparent reason cause for one the game hasnt been released yet nor has anyone played the finished product. I for one cant wait to play Ryse. It looks like a solid title and the Multiplayer sounds like it will be fun as hell.
CrimsonStar  +   447d ago
Heavy rain says hello .
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ZombieGamerMan  +   447d ago
Sigh why look I'm not buying an X1 I'll be getting a PS4 but people need to stop being pricks that want everything on their platform of choice. Especially new IPs if they want the game to be X1 only that let it be X1 only don't make a petition to get it on your platform you whiny little brats.
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   447d ago
It is a Crytek game. I don't want it. There engines are godly but they somehow manage to turn their potentially awesome games into generic ones in their pathetic attempts to appeal to a wider audience.
Alexious  +   447d ago
Personally I enjoyed Crysis 1 & 3 (not 2).
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   447d ago
Crysis 1 was great. I still have not finished 2 and have not played 3 yet, so you are saying there is hope Crytek can still make great games like Far Cry 1 and Crysis 1.
Festano  +   447d ago
Me too. Crytek can do rather good games, not only graphics.
jollygoodchap8  +   447d ago
We've been hearing this for years from console fanboys.

But now? What happened?
Chapter11  +   447d ago
I'm surprised people want to play that game at all.
gamernova  +   447d ago
I don't even know about the game but I'll sign it because any extra game on pc is a win for pc gaming as a whole. PC gaming for the win :)
Hassassin  +   447d ago
Don't really want it... too many QTE's
PFFT  +   447d ago
pacostacos  +   447d ago
im keeping a close eye on this game. I wanna hear more about the multiplayer colosseum mode cuz the idea sounds awesome!
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   447d ago
Kinda irritates me when alot of pc fanboys trash consoles.

Then complain and want petitions for games like ryse,gta, the division etc

Don't get me wrong not all pc people just the fanboys
thebudgetgamer  +   447d ago
I'm trying to figure out what's happening here, an Xbox game that some pc fans want on their platform and it somehow turns into Sony fanboys and GOW sucks. Lulz.
Alexious  +   447d ago
It's actually Microsoft fanboys - GOW as God of War, not Gears of War.
xDHAV0K24x  +   447d ago
GOW = Gears Of War.

We're all fanboys no matter what we like, no matter how we defend our preferences. Some more than others. Idgaf.
Mkai28  +   447d ago
What's wrong, did they run out of games to pirate? This is why it's called an exclusive, the only way to get these games you have to buy there console..
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twinspectre  +   447d ago
60% Graphics and 40% Gameplay
DonFreezer  +   446d ago
You haven't played the game so shut your mouth.
Khajiit86  +   447d ago
Why dopeple think this game is great? I have thought a lot of games would be great until I played them. Lets hold off until we actually play it.
Izzy408  +   447d ago
So much for the "master race."
urwifeminder  +   447d ago
Don't blame pc gamers for wanting it but most likely another sony fan service so they can say I will just play it on pc more trolling im still amused they think planetside 2 and warframe are good guess they will find out when they play.
xDHAV0K24x  +   447d ago
Go away! Damn pc nonsense
NeoTribe  +   445d ago
Mark my words. This game is gonna flop hard. Every gameplay video is riddled with qtes and boring repetitive gameplay.

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