Xbox One and PlayStation 4: Why You Should Wait to Buy

November is approaching, and with it, Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4. If you haven't already put in a pre-order for one, don't beat yourself up about it. If history is any indication, you're probably better off waiting a while than pouncing on a brand-new system.

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Sitdown1814d ago

And miss out on my "Day One" achievement, I think not..... :-)

NYC_Gamer1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

Its not bad to wait since launch consoles may have some hardware issues

ZodTheRipper1814d ago

It would be smart to wait at least a few months but I'm so excited about the next generation that I simply couldn't wait while the rest of the world (and especially my circle of friends) is playing on their PS4 already :D

LOGICWINS1814d ago

I can assure you that the rest of the world won't be getting their PS4s at launch.

Sevir1814d ago

Logic. Who really cares what the rest of the world things. Theres is a market of people who will get the console at launch and those people who pony up and spend their money how ever they see fit on these new console will be happy. Ill be playing on PS4 at launch since i already paid mine off, to you and everyone else that wishes to wait, no one here is twisting your arm, and I never get why articles telling people to wait to buy a product is always so prevalent. Anyone with half a brain knows that at launch its slim pickings for software. The launch of any hardware is never but there are great games to be had for those that want the experience.

So let the early adopters into the excitement. These new machines will sell like hot cakes and i personally anticipate that both these machines will post a healthy 2-3 million units each before years end.

LOGICWINS1814d ago

"Logic. Who really cares what the rest of the world things."

Zod18 does apparently. I could care less what other people decide to do. I was just correcting someone.

RIP_Cell1814d ago

yeah let's wait til the next revision... in 3 years?

jcnba281814d ago

And a lot of the games launching will also be on PS3 and 360.

nirwanda1814d ago

I actually think that both console will be better built than last looking at the fairly conservative clock speeds and the advances in cooling.
My problem is which is better advanced tiled textures in the xbone or the pure power of the ps4.

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dark-hollow1814d ago

I'll purchase one of them (depending on when both will release) day 1.

Am so tired from playing the same systems for over 7 years. I can't wait.

Majin-vegeta1814d ago

Na i'm getting my PS4 day one.And rushing out over people like homer.

shibster881814d ago

Im waiting a month or two to be honest, im waiting to see if any defaults I hope there isnt but you never know, plus waiting maybe bring some good deals who knows, ps4♥♥♥♥

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