12% of Dragon Quest X’s Players Played More than 2,000 Hours in a Year

Apparently some Japanese Dragon Quest X players are quite dedicated, as demonstrated by a few statistics shared today by Square Enix during the first anniversary broadcast just aired to celebrate the game’s birthday.

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gamewizard991841d ago

Thats insane, maybe I should give it a try, might be missing out on something.

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CaptainFaisal1841d ago

They have no life :o ! thats sad! but if people are wasting their " life " on this game it might be very good!

Tapani1841d ago

5,5hrs / day average. In Japan, there are not many people who can do that, so there must be a very specific audience out there. NEETs, anyone?

MooseWI1841d ago

Working full time and school full time I get like 3 hours a day to myself. Couldn't do this if I tried.

Smoey1841d ago

Wish it was on 3DS :(

execution171841d ago

I did similar hours on white knight chronicles 2 in the 1 year I played

tweet751841d ago

why isnt it in north america i think it would sell well