FIFA 14 - A New Barca Screenshot

FIFPlay: A new FIFA 14 screenshot of FC Barcelona.

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FRAKISTAN1690d ago

same as 12,13 and now 14

when are we gonna get a real upgrade, when will i be able to see coaches on the sideline?

When will i truly be able to play free flow football.

will next gen have such physics that are required?

KeiKei1690d ago

umm, 12 is not the same as 13.

Goro1690d ago

They pretty much are excluding the Roster/Kit updates and some new background music while navigating the menus

1690d ago
yezz1688d ago

obiously you haven't even played 13 that much because you can already see coaches on the sideline..

Goro1690d ago

Brilliant! 1 Whole screenshot, i will worship this...

ScytheX31690d ago

menus need a revamp, atleast on consoles, takes forever to go into team management and out hate that shit, and most importantly fix your damn career mode ea, shit has been freezing since 12 maybe even fifa 11 and you even ban people when issues are brought up on your forum....

fragnificent1690d ago

thats true about the menus but trust me, the game was not ment for the pc and has be abused and forgotten by the devs...

SegaGamer1689d ago

They need to fix the career mode, i don't care what the graphics look like, especially since we know it's going to be only little improvements. The career mode needs a new look to it, it's ugly and annoying, the news feeds are always the same, the game freezes, and it takes for ever to advance through the days. Also i wish they would make players asking to leave a bit more realistic, right now it's stupid, i also don't want the board making the decision for me when i refuse to sell the player, that drives me mad.