Why Aonuma Should Stop Trying to Top Ocarina of Time

Despite high sales for Twilight Princess and popular online fan bases for games like Majora’s Mask, at the end of the day we all understand that Ocarina of Time is considered by and large to be the cream of the crop for Zelda experiences. The defacto Zelda game, even if you can point to older games that did it first.

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andrewer1879d ago

But trying to make a game that is better than the best of the series is something great because he tends only to improve LoZ with the objective of accomplishing this task.

colonel1791879d ago

What Zelda needs is to be epic again. They need to make it more cinematic, have great moments like God of War, Uncharted, etc has. It needs great bosses with clever ways to defeat them. Also, get rid of the formula: go to dungeon, get map, get compass, get item, defeat boss with item, repeat. The experience should be seamless. Even if you know where to go to advance (that means not completely open ended) you should be able to do things differently. Maybe like Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. Link can still be mute, hell everyone can still be mute but they need to make a better story. Just look at Fire Emblem Awakening. Most of the story is told by text, and still has an engaging story and great characters.

Another thing is that Nintendo needs to realize that they now have a system more powerful than a PS3, so they need to make a game with absolutely great graphics. They can still have art style and all that stuff, but they need to put those polygons to work. Everyone wants to see a Zelda game as detailed as Uncharted, God of War, etc. and the Wii U can pull it off.

BullyMangler1879d ago

failure mentality article