Netflix Won't Be Watching You With The Xbox One's Kinect. Yet.

But as useful as Netflix would find that data, it's not planning to use the new Kinect any time soon. "In the eventual future, maybe," Todd Yellin, Netflix's vice president of product innovation, tells Stuff.

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Godmars2901875d ago

Its one thing to use connected active information gathering like Netflix does with user recommendations. But its another to "cast a wide net" which uses everything someone does in the hopes of finding something useful.

Godlovesgamers1875d ago

You're right. The former being invasion of privacy and violation of consumer rights.


Man I see you in lots of X1 articles. Let me ask you, do you plan to buy a X1? Are you a current 360 owner? I really wanna know.

Excalibur1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

I am a current 360 with over 200 games bought (95% new) and 102340 in gamer score so I think I qualify for your survey.

I have no intention of buying a Xbox One with it's current build, I DO NOT WANT KINECT attached to my system.
I cannot support Microsoft's vision of Next Gen.

I have a PS4 and 8 games currently per-ordered.

My gamertag is under my profile, see for yourself.

NeoTribe1875d ago

You just got burned son.

Salooh1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

I'm in the same page with Excalibur except that i won't buy it even if it remove kinect and make it 300$ . Why ?. Because of the experience i had with the X360. Only few exclusives is enough reason to make me avoid buying X1 let a lone the other problems..

I'm just following news to see if they change their policy and released games like gears 1 / alan wake which are in pc too . Man , i miss the old days when it was all about games , now gaming is too confusing and complicated , it's like politic feeling lol

thelaughingwiseman1874d ago

Exactly BLK. It's the non x-boxers that are complaining about these things! Seriously, if you aren't going to buy it, why troll articles that are pro X-one? I comment out x-one articles, that deal with their specs and the kinect.

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SpiralTear1875d ago

I kinda don't want Netflix watching Kinect watching me watch Netflix.

M-M1875d ago

"The idea of a camera peering into their living room is something that presents some great possibilities, but it also presents some big concerns."

At least one big cooperation gets it.

MikeyDucati11875d ago

Uhhhhh, its Netflix. How else are they able to suggest movies to me without tracking the movies I have watched?

And this is a post 9/11 world in the US. EVERYTHING is being watched. That's been going on LONG before Xbox One and their kinect.


FINALLY SOMEONE GETS IT!!! Trying to convince these Sony Fanboys that "spying" didn't start with kinect is a full time job! But they use ANYTHING to discredit MS. Pathetic...

black0o1875d ago

24/7 on camera with a mic in my living room that's another lvl .. it's like living in bugged house which not just NSA is watching but any company that looking for ur data as lone as they pay ur price

Ms already sold email to 3rd parties there's no reason they should shop there

jackanderson19851875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )


it's only on as long as your xbox is on... if you're super paranoid about it you can do 2 things... unplug the xbox or unhook the kinect since you won't be using the console.

while it's connected you could also cover the mics and lens if you're super paranoid.

or simply not buy the console if it's that big a concern.

almost every internet site will sell your details in some manner if it suits their business needs.. it's usually in the Ts&Cs we all agree to without ever fully reading and understanding

Kryptix1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

You two, (Mikey & BLK) really don't get it. So because everyone else, as you say, spies on people through cameras, somehow Microsoft gets a free pass because it is becoming the norm now? If you know exactly that a corporation does this, then nobody should support it. I don't care if it's being done in a lot of areas, if the proof is there then you should acknowledge who's doing the spying. I don't believe every camera has a person spying on you behind it, not many has the money to be hiring people to spy on every single person. What I believe though is that there are certain things that can be said that are selected to be recorded just with your voice. This can be used for marketing purposes, it's still using your voice without permission.

“in June [2011], Microsoft was granted a patent for ‘legal intercept’ technology designed to be used with VOIP services like Skype to ‘silently copy communication transmitted via the communication session.’”

blackmanone1875d ago

Kryptix, very true. That has actually already been happening on wire-taps for years. Instead of having one person listening to every phone call they just have machines that pick up certain words and then forward them on to humans. Very scary. Can't believe some people actually want this in their home.

I wonder how long it will take before dealers get busted through xbox. I don't pity the dealers... though I do have pity for the drugs.

Kryptix1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )


Cool that you understand how these things work. Not many people get it but I always try to explain it. Just like the Xbox One can pick up specific words like "Xbox On", it can also be programmed to pick up different words without you knowing. The technology has been proven to exist multiple times. Backed up with Microsoft's "legal intercept" technology patent, it makes Kinect a handy tool to be used to record your words in the background. And I provided the link in my previous post that explains the patent. Microsoft have said that there is a switch that can block the lens of the Kinect camera. But see, if they provided that small feature, they know the Kinect motion sensor won't always be needed. Why make the Kinect mandatory? It's going to be used as a recording device just as Skype is being used for that. (Check link in my previous post in this segment.) Microsoft's plan is to extend it from your computer to the living room. To always be on and looking for words, that's why the Xbox One was designed to be able to stay on for 10 years. Also designed the dashboard with "advertisement in mind" as Microsoft have said it. People's voices will be picked up and recorded and that information will go to advertisement agencies so MS can get a quick buck. And this goes with the NSA and Prism, the guy that had the documents is on CIA's top wanted list now. Look, I never said Microsoft are the only ones in this plan, but I'm only using the Xbox One because it's a gaming website. I'm giving people the knowledge they need to know not to support this shadiness. If it becomes successful, the next Xbox will have the same thing, too. Some people don't understand if you buy a console, you're also supporting what it does to be implemented in the next one. So yea, unless Microsoft changes it, the next Xbox after the One will have another mandatory Kinect or a built-in one. Just speaking truth...

NeoTribe1875d ago

Right, so lets just aid them in spying at an even greater magnitude than ever before... its a fact microsoft has and still does work with the nsa. Thats scary enough, then add the kinect in every living room... sorry but gamers don't want the damn camera in the first place. This is why microsoft is gonna be under sony this gen.

DigitalRaptor1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

@ Kryptix

I have been trying to express these facts that people are conveniently and actively ignoring, but I either get called a "conspiracy theorist", i wear a "tin foil hat" or I'm "an extreme Sony fanboy".

So lets cover this again.

1) Kinect is a REQUIREMENT
2) It's still possible to turn the XB1 on without it.
3) It's still possible to navigate the OS with the controller.
4) You can block the lens from recording, but not the audio.

So why is it still a requirement for the system to run? Why?

There is nothing else out there to suggest it needs it other than the facts we can pick up with open eyes. You said it all dude.

It's both sad and pathetic that people can see this evidence, and ignore it based on a combination ignorance and stupendous brand loyalty. If you knew your TV company had your living room bugged, would you be as apologetic towards them? Damn. With every other device, you can disable inputs.

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MikeyDucati11875d ago

I do get it. I'm mature enough and intelligent enough to get it.

The question is, do you get it?

Ironically you don't because you chose to let MS be the scapegoat for policies that you have longed since agreed to long before they brought about this "invasion of privacy" people are so concerned about.

You're typing on the internet - duh!

You use Google to search - duh!

City cameras trapping speeders and monitoring streets - duh!

Credit card usage and cell phone triangulation - duh!

Whenever you log into your email at any location, you're being watched - duh!

Advertisements are being tailored made to recognize when you're in the vicinity and shows ads that pertain to you due to history purchase


I mean, c'mon really??? You guys choose to be internet revolutionaries when the war for your privacy has long since been over and we lost? No one had a word for the Patriot Act but my God, don't let MS in with their "always watching" kinect. Oh no!!!

You guys are hypocrites and don't know how stupid yall sounding.

Not everything that watches you have eyes...

blackmanone1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

"don't know how stupid yall sounding."

oooh, you're really not helping your argument.

But in all seriousness, your response to being watched is that it's already happening outside, I might as well bring it in to my living room?
I just want to be clear. Seeing as google, city cameras, credit cards, cell phones, adverts, literally every single thing you mentioned, do not have an always on camera in my living room, watching everything.

Is that your "intelligent" argument? With the amount of "duhs" in your post, I would argue that the only thing you wrote is a "belligerent" argument.

MikeyDucati11875d ago


Yea because you don't have your image on public record and you don't Facebook. God forbid webcams before Kinect.

If you were actually smart, your baiting tactic would have been executed better.

pompombrum1875d ago

Sorry Mikey but your argument is completely and utterly flawed. You are basically saying it's okay for Microsoft to do it because it's happening everywhere else.. I dread to think what sorry state our society would be in if everyone thought like you.

No matter what example you use, there is absolutely nothing that can look into my living room.. the closest thing is my mobile phone but the cameras on that can only see my ceiling.

Also everything I do on the internet, i can control myself, I have little to no control over kinect other than turning it off from the power source.

MikeyDucati11875d ago

Wow, you brainchilds are multiple in numbers.

But since the same argumentative point is being stressed let me say this...

My argument has nothing to do with the idea that because you have "big brother" scenarios with everything else, why not add on one more.

No, you Einsteins. That wasn't even close.

My argument is this and has only been this: There are way more eviler entities that work the big brother aspect that should be more of a concern than another Kinect camera on a next gen gaming console that is well under the order of big brother to submit any information they deem.

Then I go on to point out the hypocritical. For those who actually work for a living and have their own, you should already know that Kinect is the least of your worries when it comes to this "invasion of privacy" crap.

At least MS doesn't have the power to recover all your records, monitor your facebook profile, track your purchases to make sure you're not part of a jihad, triangulate your position through cell phones and such...

Compared against all those oppositions, MS is now such an evil entity (yes a corporation is an entity).

If that's the case, then if you guys actually understand how corporations work, then you would know that none of these corporations actually are for your best interests.

So my argument involves something much more than some of you guys simplistic thinking. Think outside the box. Examine the whole picture instead of narrow scopes.

pompombrum1875d ago

I actually had about a three paragraph reply, decided to delete it and just post this instead:

Kryptix1875d ago


I'm sorry, but you really don't understand. I get that there is worse out there, trust me, I get that. But you do know that this is a gaming website and the best way to send the message is to use the Xbox One as an example? Especially with all the proof out there, it's up to the reader to do more research on the subject. You're saying that we're hypocrites but aren't you a hypocrite for calling us idiots for waking people up? I agree, it's not just Microsoft, it's been more than that, but are you really going to call us idiots for revealing the truth about Kinect's spying? You're not alone, the world has been waking up. It's just our job to tell the truth with proof to support it. And you did make it sound like Microsoft should get a free pass cause everyone is doing it. Instead you should of said, I agree plus this. You're bashing people for speaking the truth? It might just be a small part of something huge, but at least it's leads to more research. And don't use, "duh!"'re embarrassing yourself.

"Uhhhhh, its Netflix. How else are they able to suggest movies to me without tracking the movies I have watched?

And this is a post 9/11 world in the US. EVERYTHING is being watched. That's been going on LONG before Xbox One and their kinect." -Mikey/You

MikeyDucati11875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

So you're argument has now shifted to an internet cause to wake people up to the injustices and invasion of privacy???? Oh please with that horse crap.

LOL I made it sound like that was what I was suggesting? Smh, so you ASSUMED that was my argument. You know why you did so? Because you didn't read my post objectively. You read it ignorantly and assumed such. That's why you didn't understand it. I know what I said, I can read that. That doesn't equate to me saying one evil is better than another, brainchild.

"Instead you should of said, I agree plus this"

Yea right. I'm not a submissive, passive person like you might be. If you don't like my strong opinions, don't step into the discussions, period.

The nerve of this guy. Now its some holy crusade to educate the masses about what is going on beyond Xbox for over the past decade that no one actually cared about for the last decade. Where were you when they started putting locator chips in babies? Or when your phone asked for permission to push notifications that required your GPS position? When the Patriot Act was introduced and your home (or your parents home for this matter) can be searched without a warrant? Your car can be tagged without city government authorization all because they think you might be terrorist?

Spare me that nancy grace bullcrap. What a joke.

Godlovesgamers1874d ago

Sounds like you're just trying to justify the stupidity in buying a console that you know will be used to spy on you.

For me personally, the only dog I have in this race is our rights and freedoms, I could care less what console you enjoy, thats your choice, but make sure youre not selling out you right to privacy and freedom just to own a stupid video game system.

No console is worth the erosion of your rights and freedoms.

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GribbleGrunger1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

So your attitude is: They watch us in shops and in the street, so what's the harm in letting them watch us in our homes.

What is your vision of the future?

I hope to God there's an army of free thinking students ready to embrace the notion of liberty because quite frankly, the future looks bleak.

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