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Top 4 Unexpected Games Sony Should Release For The PS4

With the announcement of the Playstation 4, several gaming fans have been hitting the message boards - discussing which games or franchises they should bring back with the release of the new console. Common requests include a new Little Big Planet game, a new Uncharted and a new Gran Turismo. (PS4)

gaelic_laoch  +   362d ago
A decent Silent Hill game cant be too much to ask for surely!
Conzul  +   362d ago
Indeed, the last one looked like a PS2 port. Sheesh.

Also, Resistance 4 pleeeez.
Heartnet  +   362d ago

resistance is such an average franchise that should stay where its at tbh..

nothing special about it and when there are so many other franchises that deserve sequals (.hack!) there is no reason to waste money on that
Natso  +   362d ago

You must not have played Resistance 3, because that game's campaign was incredible.
xxxsiegezzz  +   361d ago
No it wasn't. It was linear,short,story was stupid and gameplay wasn't anything great.
Only good things were good variety in guns and ability play it in co-op
Conzul  +   361d ago
Actually, R3's multiplayer was a blast. Very well done.

The story was meh, but I'd plunk down for a next-gen multiplayer experience alone.
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Donnieboi  +   362d ago
I wouldn't get my hopes up. Silent Hill's been kind of mismanaged at Konami for some time. I'm anticipating "The Evil Within" a lot more.
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shivvy24  +   362d ago
Jak 4 , Resistance 4 and yea
14Feb-R  +   362d ago
A sequel to Resistance 1 would be awesome . I liked the character more when he didn't talk. If they can achieve that feeling with realistic character then that would be awesome.

The mp in Fall of man was one of the best i ever played in it's time.

Jack won't happen anytime soon , maybe 3 years later..
HammadTheBeast  +   362d ago
Warhawk 2, Legend of Dragoon (Remake or Sequel), MAG 2.0, Syphon Filter, MedEvil.

So many options.
twinspectre  +   362d ago
i don't know why this guy got a disagree
bicfitness  +   362d ago
Yes to all those, particularly LoD and MedEvil - that series had such charm to it, great platforming and action too. Oh, and of course Wild Arms needs an honorable mention.
FlameHawk  +   361d ago
If Legend of Dragoon happened, I would fan boy so hard until I cried tears of joy.
Ripsta7th  +   362d ago
I think they will add a couple launch titles at Gamescon, hopefully :)
twinspectre  +   362d ago
all i want is
Syphon Filter
Legend of Dragoon
Kula World aka Roll Away
Kurushi aka Inteligent Qube
Lifeforce Tenka
and Some greatest PS1 games Sequel
please Sony make it happend
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Heisenburger  +   362d ago
*Sypher Filton

Lol jk
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   362d ago
Syphon filter
Legend of dragoon
Parasite eve
Ron_Danger  +   362d ago
All great games! I'd add Medievil just cause it was such a classic platformer. I'd also say pay Square for the rights and reboot Einhander just cause its my favorite arcade shooter of all time.
SegaSaturn669  +   362d ago
Warhawk is an amazing game that was carefully designed to be fun to play. Tiny loading times, fastest matchmaking, and graceful mechanics that never got too gritty to slowdown the flow of the game.

The simplicity of the overall map to grasp, yet the fine (and oft hidden details) made for interesting matchups and strategies.

The patch adding the wrench and health restoration field as well as hero mode was a nice touch, and the expansions were incredible as well.

Warhawk, and to a lesser extent, starhawk, really was the highlight of the last generation for me.
dcj0524  +   362d ago
True that man. True that. I want a 64 player warhawk 2.
HeavenlySnipes  +   362d ago
Sword based RPG for the Move. I would buy it
Williamson  +   362d ago
I would like to see Lair and heavenly sword get another chance and maybe folklore 2 for the vita. BTW heavenly sword still has some great graphics all these years later.
Natso  +   362d ago
Conceptually, Lair has/had so much potential...

I'd love to see them give it another go.
ANIALATOR136  +   362d ago
The Getaway
saggysack79  +   362d ago
the Getaway
jakmckratos  +   362d ago
Medievil 3 would be sick...I'd picture it as kind of a less brutal God of War just with really appealing combat and amazing worlds based on death
elhebbo16  +   362d ago
I hope they port Everquest Next. that would be so epic.
MusashiBlack  +   362d ago
Xenogears and Brave fencer Musashi remake or sequel.
elhebbo16  +   362d ago
I think the new Monolith soft studio game "X" for the Wii U is the spiritual succesor to Xenogears and Xenosaga.
contradictory  +   362d ago
i hope they'd actually break all laws of reality by making SE
make FF XV an exclusive
and at the same time make sure they don't XIII it up
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   362d ago
Syphon filter or fear effect would be kool
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   362d ago
I see some stealth trolls hitting the disagree button on nearly every post... SMH.
rigbybot127  +   362d ago
Jak IV would be a welcome exclusive, as long as ND makes it.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   362d ago
I would love to see a new Lair. It is a franchise that had potential to be great if it didn't bottlenecked player's controls until the update......

Plus a proper Tenchu PLEASE!
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14Feb-R  +   362d ago
Best list :
Dark cloud 3
Resistance 4
Warhawk 2
The getaway
twinspectre  +   362d ago
i dont know why but Resistence Sucks :/
14Feb-R  +   362d ago
Have you tried resistance 3 ?. Resistance 1 and 2 are too old now to judge them..
14Feb-R  +   362d ago

Hope you try this one . It looked amazing in it's time too and still is..
gobluesamg  +   362d ago
Well your 10-1 disagree to agree ratio should tell you something dude.
feraldrgn  +   362d ago
Bloody Roar
Star Ocean
Breath of Fire (if Capcom don't completely kill it)
Valkryie Profile
Legacy of Kain game

In no specific order.
There are probably more, but those are the ones that could stand a chance imo.
Logak  +   362d ago
What about a new Tenchu?! I've been waiting for a good Tenchu since the ps2!
MattyB  +   362d ago
I'd really like to see a War of the Monsters reboot that would make me thoroughly happy. Also Road Rash as weird as that is. Maybe just as a downloadable title. Last two would have to be a true back to it's roots version of Red Faction, particularly the second one. Had a tremendous amount of fun with that game. And last would be Blood Rayne, love slicing some people up.
stellar_creep  +   362d ago
Definitely a Road Rash, Bushido Blade, Tenchu, Disaster Report, and IQ are a few that come to mind.
M-M  +   362d ago
My dude Ben Corroon wrote this, nice article 8).
KOOLWIIP  +   362d ago
starhawk & warhawk 2.. that is all.
blanket14  +   362d ago
how about we have demon souls sequal or prequel that would be romantic as all hell!!!!!!!
level 360  +   361d ago
Definitely would love to see " PS1's **Downhill Mountain Bike Racing " be rebooted for the next-gen consoles and a sort of cycling peripheral-type ( like in the old arcade days ) be made for those who would like the total cycling experience.

And they can even maybe make a connecting control cable/plug that hooks up with the next-gen console for those who own an actual bicycle or two with a wireless cycling computer to monitor heart rates/distance - like a lot of us do so we can use it for the game.

For sure I can see a lot of positive benefits in this for gamers'/cyclists' especially when winter sets in.
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