Top 4 Unexpected Games Sony Should Release For The PS4

With the announcement of the Playstation 4, several gaming fans have been hitting the message boards - discussing which games or franchises they should bring back with the release of the new console. Common requests include a new Little Big Planet game, a new Uncharted and a new Gran Turismo.

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gaelic_laoch1873d ago

A decent Silent Hill game cant be too much to ask for surely!

Conzul1873d ago

Indeed, the last one looked like a PS2 port. Sheesh.

Also, Resistance 4 pleeeez.

Heartnet1873d ago


resistance is such an average franchise that should stay where its at tbh..

nothing special about it and when there are so many other franchises that deserve sequals (.hack!) there is no reason to waste money on that

Natso1873d ago


You must not have played Resistance 3, because that game's campaign was incredible.

xxxsiegezzz1873d ago

No it wasn't. It was linear,short,story was stupid and gameplay wasn't anything great.
Only good things were good variety in guns and ability play it in co-op

Conzul1872d ago

Actually, R3's multiplayer was a blast. Very well done.

The story was meh, but I'd plunk down for a next-gen multiplayer experience alone.

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Donnieboi1873d ago

I wouldn't get my hopes up. Silent Hill's been kind of mismanaged at Konami for some time. I'm anticipating "The Evil Within" a lot more.

shivvy241873d ago

Jak 4 , Resistance 4 and yea

Salooh1873d ago

A sequel to Resistance 1 would be awesome . I liked the character more when he didn't talk. If they can achieve that feeling with realistic character then that would be awesome.

The mp in Fall of man was one of the best i ever played in it's time.

Jack won't happen anytime soon , maybe 3 years later..

HammadTheBeast1873d ago

Warhawk 2, Legend of Dragoon (Remake or Sequel), MAG 2.0, Syphon Filter, MedEvil.

So many options.

twinspectre1873d ago

i don't know why this guy got a disagree

bicfitness1873d ago

Yes to all those, particularly LoD and MedEvil - that series had such charm to it, great platforming and action too. Oh, and of course Wild Arms needs an honorable mention.

FlameHawk1873d ago

If Legend of Dragoon happened, I would fan boy so hard until I cried tears of joy.

Ripsta7th1873d ago

I think they will add a couple launch titles at Gamescon, hopefully :)

twinspectre1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

all i want is
Syphon Filter
Legend of Dragoon
Kula World aka Roll Away
Kurushi aka Inteligent Qube
Lifeforce Tenka
and Some greatest PS1 games Sequel
please Sony make it happend

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