EverQuest Next Detailed By SOE President John Smedley - Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley discusses the latest MMO undertaking, EverQuest Next, in this exclusive interview from SOE Live in Las Vegas.

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gamerlive1837d ago

I remember when Smed had hair.

adorie1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Had to see it for myself.

1836d ago
DDDGirlGamer851837d ago

Dude Everquest next looks awesome

FullMetalTech1837d ago

Im really hoping they can bring this to Ps4 like the other SOE titles so far.

adorie1837d ago

This game looks fun. I swore I'd never touch another MMO after WoW, but this could entice me into breaking my oath! Bastards at SoE. :)

HammadTheBeast1837d ago

The first game actually inspired WoW and this one looks to be even more amazing.

Sheikah1837d ago

Afaik, it has already been confirmed as a ps4 title... Like Planetside 2

Navick1837d ago

Please post a link of the confirmation.

Sheikah1835d ago

Yep, my bad. Hasn't been confirmed - just thought I read it somewhere... Well colour me bummed out now :(

cell9891837d ago

so is this coming out for PS4?

Navick1837d ago

Do you have a link? This is the only thing I can find when googling.

I'm hoping it comes out to ps4 though...

Whitey2k1837d ago

Yeah gamescon theres alot of people interested in everquest I for one is waiting but I want it on ps4

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