RGN Exclusive: Second PlayStation 4 SKU Info Here; PS4′s Real DRM Details; And More

Jon of RealGamerNewz writes, "PlayStation 4 exclusive information has been revealed to us by a development studio our crew visited with today. We have gotten our hands on the PS4 and it was amazing. Not only did we enjoy it very much but we also brought back exclusive info for all of you including the truth about the PS4's DRM, details about a second PS4 Bundle, and much much more. RGN, WE ARE NEX GEN!!!"

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pedrof931814d ago


Killing Floor ?

I just searched on google.

SpideySpeakz1814d ago

I google searched it, too. I got a whole bunch of Chemistry equations.

pedrof931814d ago


If it is a KF:I 2 it must have a one.

NewMonday1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

seconed SKU:

PlayStation 4 Console
PlayStation 4 Eye
Headset (not just headphones, headset with mic)
PlayStation Plus One Year Voucher
Killzone Shadowfall
***(Contents yet to be finalized)***

----------------------------- -

might wait for this one if it saves me money

iiwii1813d ago

I agree, sounds like Killing Floor. If so, it could be lots of fun with friends:

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DarkHeroZX1813d ago

Seriously what was the point of mentioning the DRM policy? This exactly the same thing they already promised back at E3. No DRM for 1st part period. 3rd party online restrictions only. In order to enforce DRM on the full game your console must be connected to the internet which Sony already stated you don't have to do.

slimeybrainboy1814d ago

"Our crew also got to test a PS4 game which we can’t reveal the name of but its initials are KF:I2"
Kentucky Friend Infamous 2? Any idea guys? I'm an idiot when it comes to this stuff. It's taken me 5 years to figure out SSB.

There isnt a major publisher in the world that wants their name anywhere near the letters DRM. If they want DRM they should be forced to go digital only.

Insomnia_841814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

Wrong reply sorry lol

@slimeybrainboy lol

dc11812d ago

No. But you were close. It's clearly stands for "Kentucky Fried 12 (piece)"

..I think.

iamnsuperman1814d ago

Another day another anonymous source. sigh

DA_SHREDDER1814d ago

just wait and see who's real or not when everything hits the fan

Tatsuya 1814d ago

Might be Killer Fucker:I2 want lol. /jk

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The story is too old to be commented.