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Meet Crytek's Christopher Evans - developing RYSE for the XBox One

Just before heading stage at the Autodesk 2013 Anaheim User Group, Christopher Evans, Technical Art Director at Crytek, met with Rob Hoffmann from Autodesk. Christopher chats about the new XBox One platform, the new challenges and opportunities in game development using this technology. (Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

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timotim  +   844d ago
Really hoping for big things from Crytek with this one. Yes, I want to see phenomenal graphics and them pushing next gen visuals, but I'm more intrigued by the setting and story...and potential of where this franchise can go. Tons of interesting places and people they can introduce into this world...if they do it the right way it could become a staple for this generation. Good luck Crytek!
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Bigpappy  +   844d ago
I have no idea how well this plays. But one thing for sure is this game look amazing. I just want them to allow for some smooth tactical sword play during the fights, and for it to feel like I am a Badass.
DevilishSix  +   844d ago

Crytek has stated the QTE button prompts will be going away, that was to demo at E3. They are to be replaced with audio and visual cues for such inputs. I think its design is a split between Gears of War and God of War it may actually surprise many gamres in how it plays.

That said I am most excited the Gladitor mode where you and a coop partner battle together against wave after wave of enemies in an ancient Rome Colosium setting. Which sounds inspired from the movie Gladitor, that could be a survival mode thats exciting imho.
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urwifeminder  +   844d ago
Very cool looking forward to it.
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Mkai28  +   844d ago
One thing I find interesting, Killzone: SF uses 40k (40,000)for the polygon count .Ryse uses 140K as the polygon count(140,000). Now I don't know if that was just Marcus triangle count or all the characters or just the for the main characters..

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Whitey2k  +   844d ago
Just for the main characters killzone uses 40k poly for per character
Mkai28  +   844d ago
Must be due to the armor he has on, I would like to know what the character polys are..
fattyuk  +   844d ago
It could have a million polygons, if it's not a good game it's not a good game.

This is to both sides btw
nick309  +   844d ago
Why bring a game to another game? So what if its on a diff console ? Do you compare tlou and uncharted? Killzone 2 &3? I dont get why ppl keep making this console war, whoever gets what he wants gets what he wants,why keep comparing, this aint school when ppl compare their sizes.
timotim  +   844d ago
Theirs no doubt that Ryse has more detailed character models, but Crytek is really getting in close there and really showing emotion on their characters. I was really impressed with KZ's environments, but their NPCs didn't impress as much. Ryse looks to be going for overall scale with big battles and 100s of NPCs on screen at once where as KZ looks to be putting more polys in their world.
Mkai28  +   844d ago
Some stage, looking good: http://www.3nter.nl/wp-cont...
Hercules189  +   844d ago
Microsoft must be hiding something up their sleeves, bcus that right there looks really amazing and thats only pre alpha. We should all wait til the end of the month when they reveal the final specs.
ma1asiah  +   844d ago
That looks friggen awesome thanks Mkai28 for the screenshot. So glad I chose to get this game day one it is shaping up to something that will definitely show of the power of the X1, this and Forza 5.
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skydragoonity  +   844d ago
Anticipating to play Ryse on the xboxone.
Mkai28  +   844d ago
@fattyuk, looking for strife where there is none. I'm well aware that graphics don't "make" the game.. Lets be real, if it was 1 million polygons YOU would be all over it. Moreover, this is about the tech side of things. What Crytek is doing, and how they are pushing the X1 to see what's it capable of.. It's not the "cable box" you all make it out to be..
Also made a mistake, Marcus has 150k poly count.. Waiting for your stealth disagree...
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Whitey2k  +   844d ago
Things can only be pushed so far x1 aint that much stronger then ps4 thats y background of the game seems abit washed and blurred cos of the Gpu killzone might of used 40k polycount per person but the detail in the background seems much more detailed then ryse due to the better gp
thetruthx1  +   844d ago
I disagree. In Killzone there isn't much going on in the background in the demo showed while Ryse had archers shooting arrows and particle effects. The graphics look better and Ryse will also have 100 characters on screen at one time
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fattyuk  +   844d ago

So your just talking about a tech demo? Seeing how far it can be pushed.

If its a bad game with great graphics it's still a bad game
If its a good game with poor graphics its still a bad game.

Will it be a good game and good graphics... maybe.

Its all about kinect and how devs can implement that!

6 months down the line after launch Microsoft won't care about amazing graphics or even good games it will all be about more shovelware, the next cod the next kinect halo ZZZzzzzzz forza,subscriptions,tv

not polygons darling.
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SuperLupe  +   844d ago
Killzone games are some of the boringest shooters out there. You sure dont seem to mind.

One day I wondered what if KZ was multiplat, it would have already been a forgotten franchise I think after KZ2.
DigitalRaptor  +   844d ago
"Killzone games are some of the boringest shooters out there. You sure dont seem to mind."

What you said was an opinion and nothing more.
boikanyo  +   844d ago
come on! Stupid fan boys its nt about sony article here its ryse game for xbox 1 so dnt compare kill zone and ryse...
kewlkat007  +   844d ago
If your into this type of Genre and is getting an XboxOne then this should be your first game. This is that type of game that shows off what the console can do a little bit at the start.

Then again, this is not some indie developer so games with good financial backing, I think, will look better than most.

I i just finished watching Spartacus TV show, though I will be playing for the other side with RYSE.
fenixm  +   844d ago
So far my money is on Killer Instinct and Dead Rising 3. Maybe I get Ryse or forza but I'be broke.
ironmonkey  +   844d ago
killzone sf is giving players freedom to move around with interactive graphics . ryse is just like heavy rain qte graphics are easy to make cause you cant go up to it and are limited to the environment.
robleroy  +   844d ago
As a sony supporter I do have to comment that the xboxONE do have the most graphically impressive game RYSE.

Till now It looks like Crytek is the only one who was able to push the most out of the hardware capabilities of a next-Gen console concerning launch titles. Thank Microsoft for not asking them to do a lot of interviews instead of working on the game.

Killzone looks cool, but I feel that they should be able to squeeze more and artistically better graphics and game-play out of a console which is supposed to have 50% more raw power the the XBOXOne. With that power they should have been able to make a Ryse look alike with killzone game-play.

The game graphics of Ryse do scream NEXT-GEN.
The game-graphics of Killzone scream 1080P. Sony should have made Down Under a launch title.
That is were Sony made a mistake.
They just don't have a better launch exclusive game-list
They choose to go looking for indi instead of putting money and a lot of resources to get the launch titles polished to the best quality and quantity.
KNACK also did not do well in previews. That is not unexpected. What do you expect if the Mark Cerney the lead architect is doing interviews for ps4 instead of developing the game.
And drive is just not GT6

But not enough to make me go for XBOXone.
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windblowsagain  +   844d ago
RYSE looks decent, but needs much better textures as does titanfall.

Crytek push out good graphics.

But Killzone Shadowfall will suprise alot of people.



As for Killzone Shadow fall. The NPC's have 40k polys. Not the main character.
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