Meet Crytek's Christopher Evans - developing RYSE for the XBox One

Just before heading stage at the Autodesk 2013 Anaheim User Group, Christopher Evans, Technical Art Director at Crytek, met with Rob Hoffmann from Autodesk. Christopher chats about the new XBox One platform, the new challenges and opportunities in game development using this technology.

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timotim1262d ago

Really hoping for big things from Crytek with this one. Yes, I want to see phenomenal graphics and them pushing next gen visuals, but I'm more intrigued by the setting and story...and potential of where this franchise can go. Tons of interesting places and people they can introduce into this world...if they do it the right way it could become a staple for this generation. Good luck Crytek!

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Bigpappy1262d ago

I have no idea how well this plays. But one thing for sure is this game look amazing. I just want them to allow for some smooth tactical sword play during the fights, and for it to feel like I am a Badass.

DevilishSix1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )


Crytek has stated the QTE button prompts will be going away, that was to demo at E3. They are to be replaced with audio and visual cues for such inputs. I think its design is a split between Gears of War and God of War it may actually surprise many gamres in how it plays.

That said I am most excited the Gladitor mode where you and a coop partner battle together against wave after wave of enemies in an ancient Rome Colosium setting. Which sounds inspired from the movie Gladitor, that could be a survival mode thats exciting imho.

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urwifeminder1262d ago

Very cool looking forward to it.

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Mkai281262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

One thing I find interesting, Killzone: SF uses 40k (40,000)for the polygon count .Ryse uses 140K as the polygon count(140,000). Now I don't know if that was just Marcus triangle count or all the characters or just the for the main characters..

Whitey2k1262d ago

Just for the main characters killzone uses 40k poly for per character

Mkai281262d ago

Must be due to the armor he has on, I would like to know what the character polys are..

fattyuk1262d ago

It could have a million polygons, if it's not a good game it's not a good game.

This is to both sides btw

nick3091262d ago

Why bring a game to another game? So what if its on a diff console ? Do you compare tlou and uncharted? Killzone 2 &3? I dont get why ppl keep making this console war, whoever gets what he wants gets what he wants,why keep comparing, this aint school when ppl compare their sizes.

timotim1262d ago

Theirs no doubt that Ryse has more detailed character models, but Crytek is really getting in close there and really showing emotion on their characters. I was really impressed with KZ's environments, but their NPCs didn't impress as much. Ryse looks to be going for overall scale with big battles and 100s of NPCs on screen at once where as KZ looks to be putting more polys in their world.

Hercules1891262d ago

Microsoft must be hiding something up their sleeves, bcus that right there looks really amazing and thats only pre alpha. We should all wait til the end of the month when they reveal the final specs.

ma1asiah1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

That looks friggen awesome thanks Mkai28 for the screenshot. So glad I chose to get this game day one it is shaping up to something that will definitely show of the power of the X1, this and Forza 5.

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