Rumour: Is Sony's Spooky Siren Series Set to Scare PS4?

Push Square: "Few franchises are more consistently frightening than Keiichirō Toyama’s dark Siren series. The inaugural entry in the first-party horror brand deployed approximately 10 years ago in Japan, and the Silent Hill creator is celebrating the anniversary by posting old pictures of the game’s Tokyo Game Show presence on Twitter. Most interesting, though, is that the veteran developer is tagging the messages with the hashtag ‘Siren2013’."

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TrevorPhillips1690d ago

I hope so! this was a great game and frightened me

malol1690d ago

i shat fucking bricks when i played Siren on the PS3.

i was so scared i didnt even complete it.

i do feel ashamed and its a scar on my manliness.

SlyGuy1690d ago

The best survival horror game of its generation.

levian1690d ago

There's some nice alliteration in this title.

Sevir1690d ago

I thought I was the only one who noticed the alliterations in the title, kudos and bubbles for catching it.

delicia1690d ago

Loved it on PS3.

1690d ago
ArchangelMike1690d ago

One of two games ever, that I did not complete because I was too scared to.

badz1491690d ago

scared the hell out of me too! I stopped playing because it's too scary and can't play it with my wife and kids around as it scares them a lot too and hell NO for playing it alone at night when they have gone to bed as it might give me a nightmare!

in contrast, I stopped playing Dead Space because I was bored!

1690d ago
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LostDjinn1690d ago

I hope so. One of the few truly scary horror franchises left.

get2sammyb1690d ago

Yeah, Siren is an absolutely terrifying franchise! :O

Xaphy1690d ago

is it worth buying? I love scary games.

princejb1341690d ago

I heard it was
It's not a running and gunning type of horror
Of what I was told you don't receive weapons but basic melee weapons like a shovel to defend yourself

Blooper621690d ago

The one on PS3 is fantastic! Think of it as a combination of Condemned and older resident evil games... So basically a slow paced condemned with less weapons

LostDjinn1690d ago

I'd have to say yes, it is.

The only thing that let me downs was a bowl of noodles that glitched (God I was irate!). It's episode based (if you've played other Siren games you'll know how that works) and for a story that seems all over the place it sure comes together at the end.

Anyway, I won't spoil it. If you like scary games it's great. The are no trophies though.

TXIDarkAvenger1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Yeah, Siren is one creepy ass game. IMO way more scarier than RE and Silent Hill. Also worth checking out Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly for PS2, Xbox, and Wii.

EDIT* It has been ported to PS3 for download only a couple of days ago.

Skate-AK1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Siren Blood Curse is in the top 3 best horror games I have ever played. Even better if you have a headset or surround sound. I am pretty sure there is even a demo of it on PSN.

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ANIALATOR1361690d ago

Yes we need a good horror game

Dan501690d ago

I hope its uncensored, Siren 3 was censored in the US/Canada/Mexico.

Khronikos1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

It was barely censored. But you can always get the asia/english version as I did. Great game btw and truly pretty freaky. I still have to finish it.

Dan501690d ago

I got the English version Asian one as well.

Cryptcuzz1690d ago

What exactly was censored in the US version compared to the asian one?

I remember playing this game when there was a demo available for it on the PS3.

Scared my ass all the way til next Sunday and as a result I did not buy the game.

Not much of a horror type of guy (What a wuss I know) since it gets me paranoid and gets under my skin big time.

Those who loves horror games or into Asian horror movies should definitely play this game.

monkey6021690d ago

If i had to choose one niche game i believe got too much praise siren would be it. Even as a huge horror game lover i hated it. Would much rather a new fatal frame or clock tower

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