Four big reasons Xbox One, not PS4, will win over the masses

With Microsoft's recently-announced reversal of its anti-consumer DRM policies for the Xbox One, the next gen console war has suddenly been brought back to a level playing field. It's no longer a battle of who had the upper hand at E3 this year, who does/doesn't require impractical internet connectivity 24/7, or whose specs are better on paper. The most hated DRM underpinnings on the Xbox One have been unequivocally rescinded, meaning that we can finally have an honest discussion of what the two next gen consoles will offer apples-to-apples.

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KUV19771811d ago

The charts he postet alone totally subverts the authors point. In the top ten are 2 PS-exclusives (place 1 and 5) and 1 X-Box game at 4. And yet it is supposed to say 'buy an x-box'.

Wizziokid1811d ago

This is a sad attempt at a flame article.

"Modern Consoles are Entertainment Hubs -- And the Numbers Prove It"

Yeah PS4 and X1 have the same entertainment features pretty much, the main difference? you can't yell at your TV and tell it to do things on PS4.

slimeybrainboy1811d ago

It's really weird that people keep calling the XB1 the entertainment hub, the all in one box, it has all your media sorted. It has one feature over PS4 in terms of entertainment,HDMI in.

There's only one HDMI in slot, so you'll have to choose between having your 360, PC, or cable box plugged in. This means our going to be using the multiple HDMI ins on your TV anyway, for your other devices. Let's assume the cable box will be plugged in because this is what Microsoft talks about the most.

Other than the ability to have notifications from your XB1 pop up whilst watching TV, a potentially cool feature, and the ability to use voice commands, you can switch between TV and game without a remote. there is no difference to the media capabilities of the PS4.

On both consoles you can:
-You can use applications whilst in games
-You can watch all your Netflix apps and media stuff
-You can create a home media hub from which your content can be shared amongst your console PC, and other devices
-You can browse the web and run applications
-Second screen applications, tablets and smartphones support

They are nearly exactly the same. People act as if the PS4 doesnt know how to store a song or play a movie. It has all the apps. The XB1 definitely has the advantage when it come to media stuff, but it's bells and whistles, not even close to fundamentals.

bicfitness1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

That's why the PS3 has the highest Netflix attach rate out of last gen consoles. Nor is the service behind a paywall (confirmed free without PS+ on PS4) AND Netflix came later to the PS3 as well. Guess the author forgot about bluray last-gen too.

Fail article is fail. MS PR are in overdrive atm.

Edit: As Hammad mentioned the $100 price differential is what will really kill MS.

dedicatedtogamers1811d ago

It's the same kind of FUD that Sony fanboys tried to pull back when the PS3 launched.

"Sony has the best brand recognition. It will dominate like always"

"Sony has all these exclusives. No one will want to buy a Wii or 360".

etc etc

Xbox loyalists need to realize that Microsoft has been stumbling for the last few years, now finally fell, and broke several teeth on the concrete. And just because they have a towel held up to their face to soak up the blood doesn't mean everything is fine.

PSVita1811d ago

Id be funny if the Blu ray associate would have skipped the Xbox. How ironic would the "all-in-one" be. I wonder if they would have stuck with the name lol

Btw does it play CDs? (Ps4 doesn't)

PositiveEmotions1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

@Wizz: We dont even know what the ps4 can do with tv nor do we know if it has voice command and we also dont know if it has some tv features.

gaffyh1810d ago

@PSVita - Dunno, but who cares, when's the last time anyone put a CD into their PS3 or 360? I certainly haven't for years, so couldn't care less tbh.

People need to understand that PS4 will be an entertainment hub, better than PS3, just because they haven't talked about it, doesn't mean they will give up on all those features that are so popular! Also, come on Sony give me MKV playback.

NewsForge1810d ago

@ slimeybrainboy

Because it's so hard to change HDMI inputs in your TV menu? Sadly, for millions of Americans, it is.

1810d ago
1810d ago
georgeenoob1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

N4G fanboys to the rescue! Sorry guys, truth hurts.

You fanboys love to hide it, but truth is Xbox is beating PS4 in EVERY department except price. Stop living in denial.

Only way I see myself getting a PS4 over X1 is if I'm 100 dollars short with no job.

Ju1810d ago

You know...just thinking now, that Sony didn't include the camera, this "AUX" port can come in quite handy sometimes later down the road.

There was PlayTV for the PS3 - using USB.

USB3 would be fast enough, but since this AUX supports the camera which delivers dual 1280 video streams me think it could certainly be abused for all kind of feeding video signals into the console - incl. a tuner. And well, Sony already offered a full tuner not just a "HDMI switch IR Blaster" combo. I wouldn't be surprised if Sony will offer something like that again - depending on how successful the XBone will be.

abzdine1810d ago

regardless of power difference, design, Gaikai capabilities and price, PS4 will slap X1 due to one thing: SONY's 1st party games!!!

I can barely imagine how a God of War, The Last of Us, Uncharted or a GT would look like!!!

British_Knight1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

XBOX One has a $400m partnership with the NFL, HDMI-in (which is a big deal for people like me who watch TV: Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Homeland, Breaking Bad, NFL, NBA, etc.). Soon, Microsoft will announce that Windows 8 apps are useable through XB1; that's a big deal. Smartglass is awesome as well. Kinect 2.0 and its improved capabilities will give game developers a reason to creatively incorporate Kinect features into gameplay.

For example, imagine playing Madden and setting your own customizeD audibles. It would be bad ass to tap the side of your head to signal a hot route fade pattern, lift your leg to snap the ball, or bark out audibles aloud.

XB1 and PS4 do have a few similar features but there are differences.

redwin1810d ago

Playstation is not trying to be an entertainment hub? Prove it ! Delete all the apps and don't use it to watch DVD or blueray either or to listen to music. Go ahead, impress me. Nothing but gaming. Lol. PS has done more 180 turns than the Xbox. : no multiplayer , no broadband, no hardrive, no network...... No need, no need, no need, no need.. But yet they do, then they sell you a wireless mouse and they call it "Eye Toy" ... Lol

HugoDrax1810d ago


I remember at the E3 reveal for the PS3, and we were shown 2 HDMI Outpus for the PS3. Then sadly at launch it was taken out of the final product because that would have priced the PS3 over $600. I also think it was expensive for people to have two Plasma tvs connected at that time, but I still thought the feature was unique.

Link of image:

nukeitall1810d ago

Xbox One has:

* hdmi in! Do your Xbox stuff like matchmaking, chatting with friends, and watch TV at the same time.
* interactive tv
* instant updates on events such as sports scores and so on while doing other things like playing games or watching netflix
* picture in picture functionality
* smart matchmaking! Yes, MS put tons of resources in matching you with the right people to play games. Who you play with matters!

* and SO MUCH MORE that I am too lazy to write to the biased crowd!

If you don't see the humongous feature advantage the Xbox One has then you must be STRICTLY playing games or is biased.

Keep in mind, having a feature to check it off a list is quite different than having it be practical. PC is a far better graphics pusher with far better fidelity in controlls as well as number of controll inputs, yet a huge chunk of the market chooses consoles. What console does, PC can do and in most instances better and FREE. Yet practicallity wins!

DragonKnight1810d ago

@redwin: I do that already. I have no music, or movies on my PS3, just some pictures from Dragon's Dogma and games. That's all. I don't use the browser for any reason, I don't listen to music on my PS3 at all, just games.

You were saying?

Stevino1231810d ago

Georgeenoob, You are saying that you are an Xbox Fanboy, you're so delousional. & oh rly? Do you have auto-updates? Snapping between games? Free party chat? Please, just stop.

3-4-51810d ago

If by entertainment he meant gaming machines, then yes they are. lol

aceitman1810d ago

@ AuricGoldfinger what u have there is a dev kit

CommonSense1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Gee, who would have thought the first (and the majority) comments would be from sony apologists with nothing better to do than say silly things about how sony is so much better than ms?

you people are a joke.

All n4g is anymore is a bunch of idiot sony fanboys reaffirming each other's stupid beliefs.

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HammadTheBeast1811d ago

#1 reason that 99% of casuals will flock to PS4?

$399 > $499

n4rc1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

While true to some degree.. You forget the flip side of that coin..

How many "casuals" will see the Xbox at $100 more and automatically assume its better then its $400 counterpart.

That is a common mentality.

Edit @neo

Lol..true. That's my point tho.. It happens.

neoMAXMLC1810d ago


That wont happen unless theres an Apple logo on it.

Heartnet1810d ago

the casual / family crowd will see the family friendly kinect included and assume u get more value for money inside the x1 (technically true but w.e)

and since alot of parents will be the deciding factor in which console they get they may just go with the x1 as they had an xbox previous gen also

schlanz1810d ago

Uneducated consumers who think $100 means better console are just as likely to assume 4>1.

It will likely come down to price tbh for mainstream. I think the kinect gimmick has worn off for the casuals who bought into it, I doubt it will sell them as well a 2nd time around even if it will work better.

Sony has made giant strides with the gaming community late into this gen, who will be the early adopters and therefore influencers. No one can say for sure by how much Sony will "win" next gen, but I think a rational examination of the circumstances point to their success over MS.

Ju1810d ago

People who think that $499 over $399 are not the target for "just the price" consumers anyhow. Those will probably already know why one is $399 and the other $499.

But purely budget oriented consumers go with the price, no matter what. And yet, there is a difference between "cheap" and "affordable"; otherwise those will pick the WiiU over either one anyway.

p0tat0stix1810d ago

@HammadTheBeast I'm a casual gamer and I see the $100 price increase as a very worthwhile investment considering everything the Xbox One is capable of.

Now please go find 99 others who are doing the opposite and you'll have proven your point.

McScroggz1810d ago

@p0tat0stix You're a casual gamer on an internet gaming news aggregate site. I don't think you fit into this scenario.

HammadTheBeast1810d ago

Well, you're on N4G, so there goes the casual gamer sticker.

aceitman1810d ago

@ Heartnet parents didn't flock to a 600$ ps3 cause they had a ps2 did they no, it was the price factor and then they would say we have Kinect already y would I spent 500$ on something we have already , even though its better than the 1st Kinect they cant tell the difference to much

CommonSense1810d ago

here's a news flash. most "casuals" will buy the system that is best marketed. and a small price difference isn't going to matter.


you're an idiot.

1810d ago
p0tat0stix1809d ago

@ McScroggz - Touche good Sir. Lol. Although, I "consider" myself a casual gamer, perhaps you are indeed correct, given the evidence.

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TomShoe1811d ago

Ignore, just a troll trying to get pageclicks.

CommonSense1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

oh give me a break. everyone who spends any time on n4g knows that the best way to get "pageclicks" is to suck sony's dick. OR bash MS.

Rhythmattic1809d ago


There is a whole internet world out there beyond N4g that will make you feel better.....

If you dont believe me just check out he comments section on this articles page...

Reminds me of N4G circa 07'

BaronVonRhett1809d ago

@Rhythmattic, Keep in mind that is a Microsoft fanboy site.

aceitman1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

on a different note it seems at gamestop. 40 x1 preorders are capped, while ps4 has 140 and still taken in more. from my gamestop. in nj I know the manager there , he said hes surprised how many sony are pumping out and he said a sony rep said sony is not playing next gen there in it to win it big time .

Chevalier1810d ago

Sony opened preorders again for us. My store has 241 ps4 preorders and a whopping 39 xbox one preorders. We still have units available for xbox one for 2 or 3 weeks at the rate they are selling before I sell out.

1810d ago
killcole1810d ago

I think the fact that, given the choice, gamers will buy a 360 multi plat game over PS says more than the fact the numbers for this year show more exclusives sold on the PS3.

The reason Xbox will outsell PS in this example is that the PS3, for many people, is a means to play Sony published games (I say many but I just mean in terms of there's more that do it for PS over Xbox).

Those people still play their Xbox if given the choice and that's because of the most important feature of consoles. The online service.

If personally, you're not the type of person that like online play, that's fine. But in Europe and the USA especially, it means a lot. Millions of people a year don't flock to buy CoD for the single player. The Xbox online service is better. Online is the MAIN reason for a game's (and therefore a consoles) replay-ability. Therefore, the Xbox One will outlast the PS4

Ju1810d ago

The only reason why those numbers favor the 360 is because it's US only where the 360 has a 2:1 install base ratio. In global numbers there is almost no difference in sold games if they are multi platforms. Some genres sell better on PS3, some on 360.

This will be totally irrelevant for the next generation since neither has an install base advantage just yet.

And this despite some peoples believe that people prefer online on 360 because of Live! CoD - the most popular online shooter sells almost equal numbers on a global scale.

5eriously1810d ago


Just like the 360 is outlasting the PS3 maybe?

Where is the 360 and the latest games for it?

When last did the 360 get an AAA exclusive?

FFS wake up man. Please explain the BS you are vomiting!

ImG2theB1809d ago

Agree, Xbox Live is far superior to the PSN. I have a 360 and 2 PS3's but all of my gaming is done on the 360 simply because of Xbox Live. I'll probably get both Xbox one for my multiplayer games and the PS4 for Naughty Dog. You can't expect a hardware manufacture to compete with a software company that is 30 times their size when it comes to this. People will flock to the PS4 for their specs but will come back to Xbox for the quality of gaming. Xbox gamers are used to a certain level of online quality and when they don't get it from Sony they will eventually come back.

killcole1808d ago

@Ju I did cite Europe and the USA in my points. I live in Europe, so gaming outside of there doesn't mean much to me. I'm often paired with people in Europe and the USA. So I include the USA in what I'm saying.

Unlike you and apparently many other people on this site, I game for my own personal pleasure. I don't need to back a business and hope it fares well in this terriotry or that, as long as it gets to me and it will. And in my territory, based on history and playing preferences, there is a good chance the Xbox will outstrip the PS.

People are disagreeing with that and I ask why? I'm not putting out loosely founded opinions for people to disagree with. I'm not making any seriously out there claims. I'm just stating how it is, and how I think it will happen.

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killcole1810d ago

There are also 2 360 games there. The same amount each way. Plus, the BioShock franchise started on the Xbox. Another reason to buy the One.
Even if Titanfall makes it to the PS, it will already have been on the Xbox One and timed exclusives are just as important as full exclusives. Especially to a community that all want to rush out and have the new kits on day one.

SLEDGE1810d ago

"BioShock franchise started on the Xbox-...-reason to buy the One. "
Half life started on PC, go get PC.

"timed exclusives are just as important as full exclusives"

Holy fuck... this is what xbots belive...


BlaqMagiq241809d ago

"Plus the BioShock franchise started on the Xbox. Another reason to buy the Xbox One."

Care to tell me the exclusive BioShock game that was announced for the Xbox One? Until then, that is the dumbest reason to get an Xbox One.

kewlkat0071810d ago

XBOXONE-"It truly does everything" not just gaming.

-It uses face recognition in place of a password login, recognizing different users for log-in and controller settings.

-Voice recognition will let users switch from games to films to music with a couple of words.

-Then there's Snap Mode, for doing two things at once, such as Skype calls and gaming, or watching a film and looking up the cast on IMDB.

TKCMuzzer1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Brilliant, you have just listed the things I don't want to be doing whilst gaming or watching a film. It's a solution to a problem that does not exist.

Just to pull up on a point, it doesn't do everything, It won't use your original headsets without an adapter for starters.

HammadTheBeast1810d ago

The first two points are just slight conveniences, maybe even gimmicks. Everyone phone has facial recognition, I haven't seen a person use it, ever. Voice recognition saves you a couple button presses.

Snap mode is interesting, I'd assume the PS4 has some form of multitasking, Sony hasn't really talked about the OS yet though.

Ju1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

I don't know. TBH. Those are convenience features. But in all honesty if money doesn't matter, I'd get a tablet for this. Yeah, one is a Sony TabletZ which comes with IR blaster and TV guide and all. Costs a bit more; true, but doesn't make you blind if you want to surf the net or actually use your hands to navigate (touch??). Not sure if there is a cheap one which has a built in IR blaster, but anyone would do, I guess. If you stick with Sony, its TVs have some neat HDMI features, like switching off all devices if you switch off the TV. Not sure if this could be use to pause a game when switching to TV, for example. Building a HDMI switch into the console is useless. But MS has no consumer electronics backing, so I guess that's how they do it.

kewlkat0071810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

"Brilliant, you have just listed the things I don't want to be doing whilst gaming or watching a film."

You sound like this guy I was talking to when he asked me why do I need a smart phone, when he pulled out his flip phone saying "All I need to use this for, is to make calls and don't need all the extra junk"

I simply told him, "well this product is not for you. I'm sure your flip phone suits your one and only need."

" Xbox 360 has been able to carve out a following of the "average" gamer. One that enjoys a wide variety of titles, and happens to leverage their console for more than just gaming."

It will be no different with the XboxOne.

NateCole1810d ago

Read imdb while gaming?. wtf?

NeoTribe1810d ago

None of those things are something I would want to use. I put a game in and play it. I'm not skyping and doing my taxes while trying to play a game.

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cleft51810d ago

When talking about the Masses you absolutely have to talk about Price of the console. The fact that the Xbox One is $500 alone is enough to stop them from winning over the masses. It would be one thing if they had no true competition, but this isn't the PC market.

Sony is releasing the PS4 which has better specs and the same options as the Xbox One for $100 cheaper, that is a huge deal. When the Xbox One is $400 the PS4 will be $300. There is a reason that the 360 is so popular right now with the masses and that reason is price. There is also a reason that the PS3 has caught up with the 360 in sales, that reason is price. To pretend that price isn't a factor for the Masses is to lose them altogether.

Also the Apple comparisons just aren't valid because ultimately the Xbox One is still going to be seen as a game console. It's interesting because it is probably the Xbox branding that is going to hinder them with the masses more than anything else.

gamer20131810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

The launch PS3 was $200 more than the XB1 is currently, $300 if you lived in Canada! It didn't stop the PS3 did it? Stop you're BS.

The XB1 is loaded with cool features, it has the games and will have superior online. Its a better all around package than the PS4 and worth the extra $100. A few more pixels and a couple more frames on the PS4 really isn't a big deal in comparison to what we get with the XB1.

Wintersun6161810d ago


Oh, the irony of your nickname.

Ju1810d ago

There is no "superior online" in the XBox. This rumor needs to stop.

H0RSE1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )


"There is no "superior online" in the XBox. This rumor needs to stop."

It is an opinion based statement, which means the term "rumor" is baseless, since rumors can be either denied or confirmed, opinions cannot. That being said, I have friends that own both PS3 and a 360, and among their likes and dislikes for each system, every single one of them prefers XBL over PSN. The other aspect they all agree on is they prefer the xbox controller over the PS one.


"Sony is releasing the PS4 which has better specs..."

- it's more accurate to say it has better specs "on paper." The details of the hardware, (like how they process data or work with one another) are are largely unknown and haven't yet been experienced first hand by players. In addition, I don't think they released official, solidified specs for the X1 yet. Didn't they just boost the GPU clock speed?

"and the same options as the Xbox One for $100 cheaper, that is a huge deal...."

- It's releasing with "similar" options, not the same, and thus, depending on your preferences and what you are looking for, the extra $100 may not bother you.

"When the Xbox One is $400 the PS4 will be $300."

- source? Even without a source, you don't see the double standard here? If people are willing to drop $400 on a PS4, are you implying that if the X1 dropped to the same $400 price point, it still wouldn't matter because PS4 would, according to you, now be $300? If price was really that important that consumers would simply continually choose the lower priced console, they would just get a WiiU, which by that time would be around $250 or less.

"There is a reason that the 360 is so popular right now with the masses and that reason is price. There is also a reason that the PS3 has caught up with the 360 in sales, that reason is price. To pretend that price isn't a factor for the Masses is to lose them altogether."

- You are right - this is "a" reason, but not "the" reason. There are many reasons why consumers choose one over the other, and the price point argument, is really only prevalent with those outside the dedicated gaming realm, since the quote "hardcore" crowd, is going to get what they want regardless of price. The lower price is largely enticing to those on a budget, not the "core" audience. When it comes to gaming, I don't know about you, wouldn't settle for something just because it's cheaper.

As for pre-orders, this is the minority of overall sales. In addition, the same "core" audience that overall bashes and essentially snubs their nose at the dreaded "casual gamers," are the same people that are using their (the casuals) contributions to pre-order numbers to fuel their virtual "victory dances."

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FlameBaitGod1810d ago

They still in beta guys, their articles are pretty fking buggy.

Mounce1810d ago

That and he uses a USA ONLY CHART.... -_- and talks about 'WINNING OVER THE MASSES'

So....when he says "Winning over the masses" Apparently USA is entirely the World, Again.

'Masses' is vague and limitless, I'd say Masses = ALL, Everyone.

USA Is Not Fucking EVERYONE. Yet here's the software charts.....from USA only....

Can we rate/blame and WTF? this article and site please.

gaelic_laoch1810d ago

Xbone = American Football

PS4 = Football...................... ..(soccer)

corvusmd1810d ago

Actually no it doesn't at all. The point he was making was that "more Powerful" consoles don't lead to better games...and that these games don't sell fact , the fact that most of those games are cross platform and sold more on 360 completely supports his point. The only reason that Last of Us is even on top is cause it's just 2013 so far...and Last of Us is really the only game that came out this year other than Bioshock...and even with Bioshock being sold across two consoles...the 360 sales alone are still towards the're not looking at it from the right angle

Silentscope1810d ago

What the chart is pointing out is that the games sold more on the Xbox compared the PS3.

strifeblade1810d ago

Sony Defense Force Assemble!!!!!!!!

boing11810d ago

It's like everyone forgots that x1 will be limited to few countries at first. Sony has the upper hand here with it's global launch.

AndrewLB1809d ago

If what you say is actually accurate, it makes me even more worried about Sony's financial situation. They're still taking huge losses and have been for years now. They should be making money hand over fist except for the fact that they didn't even break even on PS3 sales till about a year ago. It doesn't matter how many they sell because not making a profit = bankruptcy.. if the trend continues.

Anon19741809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

It's sad sometimes the crap that gets through on the weekends. I'm all for offering up solid debate in response to articles like this and sticking to the points, but where do you start with what's wrong here? This thing is just flamebait, uninformed rambling from top to bottom. Apparently, if an article is labeled an "opinion piece" that now allows the writer to just make up whatever nonsense he wants to base his opinion on and go off on a rant. What's as equally disturbing as his poor thought out, rambling arguments that illustrate a lack of understanding of how the game industry even works, is his the important facts that would counter his argument (like the $100 price difference) are simply ignored. You know you've got a weak argument when you complete avoid facts that would take the wind out of your sails.

What a useless mess of fanboy sentiment.

reko1809d ago


youre clearly one of them.. so?? whats your point?