OPM's Knack Preview holds no Punches, Slams Combat System, Mechanics and More

When Sony announced Knack it was touted as PS4's answer to Ratchet & Clank, however a recent preview of Knack in the lastest issue of Official Playstation Magazine holds no punches.

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jcnba281814d ago

Not surprised at all. The footage so far has indicated that the game is a very simple and basic platformer. The level design, enemies even the cars all look very basic.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1814d ago

Pretty much...

I wanted to buy the game because I wanted to support Mark Cerny. But all I'd really be supporting is (for lack of a better term) lazy game design.

blusoops1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

Just buy the PS4 if u want support Mark Cerny.
And fill your tub...

Edit: to be clear, I'm willing to give knack a chance. But I'm gonna have to wait on the reviews. If the avg is an 8 or more, I'll be trying it out.

shivvy241814d ago

Its sounds really great for newcomers, kids or even platformer fans , crash and spyro were easy to pickup and play back in the day

xHeavYx1814d ago

Won't be surprised if this game makes it to the PS+ collection very quick

guitarded771814d ago

I'm holding back on Knack because I personally haven't seen anything to make it a must have $60 game, and I also have a feeling it will end up free on PS+ before too long. I still want to play it, but will either wait for a price drop, or for it to come to PS+.

badz1491814d ago

for those skeptical about Knack, there's a simple solution for you guys. give it at least 3 months, and I totally believe that it will be on PS+ Instant Game Collection!

inveni01813d ago

I'm not sure this game is supposed to be some deep and involved title. Sometimes, you have to appreciate things for what they are. Like hot lesbians. I'm always disappointed to meet a hot girl who turns out to be a lesbian, but I can still appreciate her hotness...

mattdillahunty1813d ago

ok, this "article" kind of has me scratching my head. now, before i say anything, i just want to say that i couldn't care less about this game. it never really interested me, and i had no plans on getting it.

but with that said, three things make me wonder if this OPM piece is real:

1. i noticed a typo: "It's basic like jumping out of a plane holding a carrier bag above your head and calling it skydiving." i really doubt editors from a print publication are going to let that get past them.

2. aren't upcoming magazine excepts usually scanned? every time i see a magazine except from something that's about to come out, it's always scanned. but not here.

3. the article is a little too blatant in its criticism. is Knack really that bad? maybe. would any decent journalist make such immature statements like, "your children will probably kick you in the shins?" i really doubt it. the writing reeks of somebody just trying to add as much flair as they can to get Sony fans up in arms.

now, with all of that said, maybe this is legit and i'm way off the mark. but it does make me wonder. especially when a google search of OPM and Knack led back to this, and i couldn't find a single alternative source to confirm this.

just saying.

devwan1813d ago


It's hard not to be sceptical when some things look iffy:

OPM had a layout and design change from issue July 2013 "new format new console". The font and layout do not match the "scan" from Gamepur.

The current OPM issue (September 2013) has this as one of the main mentioned features on the digital download site: "Mark Cerny - The man who invented PlayStation 4 on his latest work of wonder and making Knack" - it'd seem at odds doing a half-arsed preview of a game alongside that feature.

The images at the bottom - the first looks like a screen grab of a video title page "tap to play"? But maybe it's from a digital copy of a magazine with live links - not sure, never owned one.

I suppose the only way to find out for sure is to buy a copy tomorrow :)

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Rhaigun1814d ago

Agreed. I didn't understand the hype. At best, I was going to rent it for my son.

Blackdeath_6631814d ago

there was no hype it was blindingly obvious that it was one of those launch games which you look back at in a few years and be filled with regret. i just hope this doesn't turn into a widespread hate campaign on the game out of respect to mark cerny who made some of the best games in console history and has been instrumental in bringing about companies like insomniac and ND who have made a huge impact on playstation

darx1814d ago

No way I don't belive it Mark Cerny is God! /s

1814d ago
3-4-51814d ago

People need to review this game from the perspective of it's intended audience.

This game isn't made for 30 year olds.

It's made for 5-12 year olds, but still has enough elements that make it appeal to everyone.

You don't like Disney Infinity, but for a 7 year old, it's probably the greatest game ever made. Same with Skylanders.

I'd rather kids get a game like this than cooking dress up finger swipe 4

rainslacker1814d ago

While I generally agree with you, it is possible to have simple mechanics/presentation that appeals to the younger audience, but still have enough depth to entice the older audience to play. The Lego games are a pretty good example. Spyro and Crash as well.

This review concerns me because I am a fan of Cerny's games. I'll still be getting it unless a lot more reviews come out saying similar things, and even then I'll see about borrowing it, or waiting on a price drop. I'm not one to really go by reviews, but when they all say the same thing, it's hard to ignore. We aren't at that point yet however.

It's a shame because it was one of my more anticipated launch titles, and seemed to be the only one that wasn't overly serious and just there to be fun. If it's fun though, I'll be all good.

Otherwise, I feel for the time being, people are going to point to this since Knack is generally a anticipated title for the Sony camp. Sometimes the console wars get in the way of a good discussion on an actual game.

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PS4FEVER1813d ago

Do you realize some of the designers worked on shadow of the colossus? and that there is a hardcore mode which is challenging and plays out like crash? If you all bothered to listen to mark cerny's conference talks, he said he made a game that will be easy to play by casuals and non gamers, so less buttons and more of a on rail experience and a hardcore difficulty which uses the control scheme we are used to on games like crash and spyro.

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sdozzo1814d ago

I think we all thought this was just something to show off system. Like a stage demo taken too far.

sobotz1814d ago

Not really, this game wasn't supposed to be a tech demo to show off the system power like The Dark Sorcerer or something.

"The Pixar aesthetic is let down by some muddy image quality, and heavily dithered shadows. We're promised 1080p native resolution here, but Knack doesn't look as crystal clear as we'd expect from such a pixel count - perhaps in part owing to the HDTV settings being used at the exhibition. It's a real disappointment on the grounds of image quality, and while the transparency effect on Knack and the big, beautiful ocean view during the first stage are visual treats, there isn't a whole lot to the rest of stages shown." -DF

This game is bad at everything. Gameplay, graphic, and aesthetic. And now, the OPM itself said so. It's inevitable, this game is a disgrace for PS4. Even the new Ratchet & Clank for PS3 is more interesting

Dlacy13g1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

The problem is its being held on pedestal as a shinning example of the of the PS4. In terms of the PS4 launch lineup its starting to look really thinner than expected 1st party wise. Drive Club looks good but is starting to feel light in features given they keep saying "we will add after launch". Knack clearly shapping up to be a mindless button masher. That leaves Killzone to shoulder the load, and while KZ games have been good I am not sure its a "must have" given the competition of BF and COD for the holidays.

isa_scout1814d ago

While I agree that the first party offerings are rather thin, I also think that with games like Watchdogs and AC Black Flag that there will be plenty to buy at launch. As you mentioned there is KZSF, DriveClub, and BF4. So that brings the total amount of must play titles to at the very least 5. I don't know about a lot of you guys but I will only be getting 2 or 3 at launch, then waiting until income tax season to pick up the others after their prices drop. KZSF, Watchdogs, and BF4 are the must have launch titles in my opinion.

4Sh0w1814d ago

Its dissapointing to hear these criticisms, I had read more favorable previews before so I hope those are a more accurate representation of the actual game. Never base your opinion off of 1 impression this guy could absolutely not like it for the same reasons you might absolutely love it. Sonys launch lineup is already a bit on the thin side, so I really hope Knack turns out to be great game to start off the next gen with.

RememberThe3571814d ago

Not surprised either. I've been asking all along why people are excited for this game. It just looks so bland I wonder why they even made it. What makes this a full game anyway it looks as complex as an iPhone game.

MiasmaDodo1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

I love the PS4
but when I saw Knack I was like

"seriously? those graphics look terrible, and the gameplay looks straight from PS2 era"

not shocked by this

r211814d ago

Do not knock the visuals, those are some CG quality graphics right there. Gameplay wise, it aint anything amazing or crappy, just ok, I suppose.

MiasmaDodo1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

only my opinion. but when they showed off Knack for the first time, the PS4 system gameplay and Vita looked identical. thats not good if the actual console version looks exactly the same on handheld. The console version should be way more beautiful.

r211814d ago

Thats because the PS4 game was being directly streamed to the vita. There is no handheld version.

rainslacker1814d ago

I thought the "straight from PS2 era" gameplay was an appealing feature. Not every game needs to be super advanced next gen, 200 button, flail your arms around action to be fun.

However, the overly simple mechanics and "bland" levels described within this preview are rather disconcerting. This was one of my more anticipated launch titles. It still is, but I'll have to look into it more.