[Deal Alert] 41% Off on Turtle Beach Ear Force XP300 Wireless Gaming Headset

DOTD: "Looking for an awesome wireless headset for your console, Xbox 360 or PS3? Well, you're in luck because Amazon is offering one of the best wireless headsets for consoles on an Amaz(on)ing discounted price."

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pompombrum1837d ago

With the new consoles around the corner, we will be seeing a lot of these sort of deals over the next few months.

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Bathyj1837d ago

so this is stereo? I've been thinking about getting a pulse elite but that won't work in your phone right? but this will but it's not 7.1?

thechosenone1837d ago

avoid TB hardware at all cost it's pure junk.

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dilawer1837d ago

To be honest, I've found TB headphones to be one of the best. Why would you call it junk?

sovietsoldier1837d ago

you cant be serious to not call tb junk. the quality for the price is not even close to other brands. i owned tb head sets and yes they are junk. everyone i know that has a tb headset complains about the god awful sound quality and feedback they give off,its so bad you cant make out what some people are saying. i rather liked ms old headsets and would rather use one of those then a high priced tb headset.

thechosenone1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

I've owned two and currently this is the one I'm using(unfortunately). The sound quality when compared to Audiotechnica or just about any high quality set, doesn't even come close and the build quality/materials are cheap. That goes the same for Astros.