Wolfenstein: The New Order Screenshots

New Wolfenstein: The New Order Screenshots have been released showing combat scenarios and different enemies.

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SlapHappyJesus1689d ago

I need to see more of this one, but I am getting pretty damn excited.

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orakle441689d ago

If those are gameplay screens, this is looking really good.

Spoons1689d ago

Looks last gen.. Stickin with Forza 5.

TheGrimOfDeath1688d ago

Need those glasses cleaned Xbox fanboy?

Spoons1688d ago

Uhm no, just stating my opinion... I'm sorry if that hurts you?

TheGrimOfDeath1688d ago

@Spoons: If you think that looks last gen then you really need your eyes checked. Opinion or not.

dcj05241689d ago

Looks like a classic. Harder difficulty, hold as manh weapons as you want, awesome weapons, smart ai, interesting story, minimal health regen ( regenerates up to 25hp) and I think there is amor/health pick ups. Now they just need to work on the graphics. Seems like a fun game.

urwifeminder1689d ago

No multi lol forgotten the same week it releases.

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