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Submitted by get2sammyb 925d ago | opinion piece

Do You Intend to Buy the PS4's Camera?

Push Square: "Whether or not you believe that Sony planned to bundle the new PlayStation Eye with every PlayStation 4 console, the platform holder hasn’t done a particularly good job of making a compelling argument for the peripheral. You’ll be able to pick up one of the dual-lens units at launch, but while there’s no doubt that the optical extra looks the part, is there really much point in purchasing the optional device alongside the next generation system?" (PS4)

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pedrof93  +   925d ago
I don't care about it. But there are small members in my family that may find it amusing. So eventually.
crxss  +   925d ago
Nope and I'm glad I don't have to ever! Glad it's not required. It would be nice to have voice control on the OS or in-game but that could easily be done through a mic and not a camera
ZodTheRipper  +   925d ago
Agree as long as Sony doesn't properly support Move with good games. I'd be willing to buy one, but I'm not buying it for some gimmicks with the dualshock.
Elimin8  +   925d ago
Gonna buy it.. I own the Move and Nav. Since they're both compatible and The cam is cheap... Why not!?
1trillindividual  +   925d ago
Yeah I'm going to get it for my kids, because they would love this, just hope there are more and cool games without the motion controller. but if I didn't have any kids this camera wouldn't be part of my day 1 purchase bundle
JsonHenry  +   925d ago
I spammed refresh on Amazon to pre-order the PS4 as soon as I possibly could. But I have zero intention of buying an camera unless they just make a killer app for it.
KwietStorm  +   925d ago
Everyone keeps talking this n that for kids, because they're so against motion gaming. You can't video chat or live stream without the camera. That's why I'm getting it.
RebeccaCBermudez   925d ago | Spam
TAURUS-555  +   925d ago
nope i dont plan on buying the camera

all i want is to play videogames

cameras and sht like belong to xbox1 childish market
3-4-5  +   925d ago
The only way I'd buy the camera, is for that sculpting game, if it turns out to be an actual game.

I could spend years creating stuff with that and never get sick of it.

Other than that, I find no use for it.
badz149  +   925d ago
I already have MOVE+Nav controller as well. and if KZSF have MOVE support, then why not? FPS with MOVE is the best thing that ever happen on consoles!
rainslacker  +   924d ago
If they made a game worthwhile for it I would get it. Playroom looks cool and all, but it's just a tech demo. The other superfluous features mentioned in this article aren't interesting to me.

It comes down to, I can buy the camera, or I can buy a game. A game will win out every time.

On the other hand, since I will have the money at launch, maybe I'll get it just to have it in case it does become useful some day. Obviously, more camera's sold means more support. However, given this gen, I don't see motion control becoming any sort of staple beyond tacked on features.

On the third hand, however, I'm not much into motion control, or having my picture taken to be pasted up for others to see over the internet.
KUV1977  +   925d ago
I will buy it right from the start.
medman  +   925d ago
As will I kuv1977, as will I.
Steven21  +   925d ago
I'm not exactly excited for the camera, but I will be buying it to support sony and hopefully help expand the install base to get better games and better features. If people don't support it, it becomes obsolete! I want to make sure they offer the best experience possible, and not some gimmicky crap.The more who support it the better. Buy the camera if you can! I know I will be!
USEYOURFIST  +   925d ago
I brought the move for the same reason and felt slightly burned, but again I will be getting the camera and hoping for the best
rainslacker  +   924d ago
It isn't terribly expensive, and your reasoning is sound. It's that burn I would be worried about though. Console launches tend to go hand in hand with buying things due to excitement though.:)

I've been considering it since deciding not to get an X1 and having extra money, I just don't really see any real advantage to buying one day one. As far as support, it's the same chicken and egg we hear about the Vita now. Devs won't support it because of install base, and install base won't rise until the games are there. In this case though, I think Sony does need to show something to make the camera more enticing. It's obvious they want to sell it, but think they don't know what to do with it.
iamnsuperman  +   925d ago
For me it depends really on money and if I need it to play Killzone Shadowfall with the move (1 if they have made it move compatible 2. If I can't use the original cam for it if it is compatible)
Gimmemorebubblez  +   925d ago
I might at some point, if their is a killer app. As of now the answer is no.
DigitalRaptor  +   925d ago
I might not get it on launch but probably will afterwards depending on the feedback it gets.

I'm looking forward to seeing the interaction the DualShock 4's lightbar will have with the camera, one example being the split-screen player detection.
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slimeybrainboy  +   925d ago
I doubt it, I hate the motion controller stuff. I just want buttons buttons buttons, maybe a touchscreen here and there. Isnt it only like £45 which is a great price? But still I see 0 reasons to own one, even if it can do voice recognition or video chat. The only thing I might like is the ability to scan your image into the game, but this is already possible using EA gameface and I would only like it for sports. I just want to play games, the way we all know how. Everything else is irrelevant to me.
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ArchangelMike  +   925d ago
That depends on what Sony/Developers do with it. The PS Move didn't get any real support from Sony or from Devs. it ended up just being a gimmick that Sony could use to jump on the 'motion controls' bandwagon. At the present time, none of their launch games have even been confirmed to need the PS4 camera.
vallencer  +   925d ago
My problem with them not including it is now developers have to choose what type of game to make. It being either a controller game or move game. Had they bundled the camera up with it everyone would have it and they could always just add the function in their games. I think its a great idea that microsoft has it added with their console. I'm not to fond of the price difference but still this way developers don't have to worry about how much money they may lose if they make a kinect game because everyone has one.

Of course sony will support it at sometime and i hope they make good games with it i just think they've limited themselves to how many people will be buying games with the move and camera.
Sevir  +   925d ago
I have a PS Move and Navigation controller, so I intend to use it on the PS4 eventually, however at Launch, there is little reason to own one! so i wont get one till its the right time, Media Molecule's new IP utilizes the Move and Camera extensively from what I've seen at the PS4 reveal in Feb so I'm sure it'll be properly announced at GDC in a few days. I think upon release of that game and a few more games that use it intuitively then i'll make the plunge and purchase the new Eye! but not at launch of the PS4
WeaseL  +   925d ago
After Christmas decided on getting extra games first I have 6 launch titles on order + DS4. Nice to have a choice
ArchangelMike  +   925d ago
Dude how much is that setting you back? you must have good cash flow :)
WeaseL  +   924d ago
Packed in smoking a few years back, what I would have spent goes into a savings account and its shocking how much I have saved.
SnakeCQC  +   925d ago
GentlemenRUs  +   925d ago
Not really, But maybe later on.
sincitysir1  +   925d ago
I want to say yes and I probably will but i dont know if Sony will do anything with it
N7Lukas  +   925d ago
Nope. Controller + game is all i need.
JBSleek  +   925d ago
Needs compelling software first.
nevin1  +   925d ago
Hell No
MrSwankSinatra  +   925d ago
johnny555  +   925d ago
I'll buy one for one of my PS4, I preorder 2 and will buy a third one eventually, but only one camera.

I also do own 3 PS3, I just put one on each TV to add media capabilities on top of gaming.
mochachino  +   925d ago

If I was interested in games that need a camera I would have pre-ordered an xone instead of PS4.
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jronj  +   925d ago
The playroom looks fun but i would probably play it for 5 minutes then never open it again...
That has been by experience with most motion control games the novelty wears off very fast.
fsfsxii  +   925d ago
Do you intend to invade my privacy?
cesuf  +   925d ago
only if your a hot naked chix. otherwise no ty.
fsfsxii  +   925d ago
I guess people like being watched.
RiPPn  +   925d ago
I'll probably snag it in a sale when it's $35-$40, but probably not at launch.
kaozgamer  +   925d ago
Meh. maybe later on.
Tatsuya  +   925d ago
Yes, SONY has my full support. I want the full experience besides, I know if EverQuest Next were to come to my PS4. I'll be ready for that cool SOEmote! Even DriveClub is implementing the camera in their games. So imo, it will be a justified purchase.
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Electric-flamingo  +   925d ago
: |
DunDee910  +   925d ago
The only way I can foresee buying the camera is bundled with a very addictive looking game.
Ares84HU  +   925d ago
In one word, no. Not yet at least. They didn't show me anything compelling to buy the camera. I enjoyed the PSeye on PS3 with games like Sports Champions and Start the Party but only when I had friends over and wanted to goof around a bit. It's not for serious gaming, nor will this new camera be. So I'll wait for a price drop and some software that is using it.
Nicaragua  +   925d ago
The thing that would make me buy it is a new improved version of Eye Of Judgement. That game was kinda crap but the potential for a really good PS4 Yu Gi Oh type card battle game is HUGE.
Destrania  +   925d ago
Already have it pre-ordered ;-)
captain_slow82  +   925d ago
not any time soon.

but its a good option for people to have that like motion controls and what not
harrisk954  +   925d ago
Pre-ordered it on Amazon, along with the PS4, and extra controller, Watch Dogs and Killzone, right as soon as the E3 presentation ended.
contradictory  +   925d ago
last i checked having a camera hooked up to the console doesn't help you in any shape or form
twdll  +   925d ago
I got mine yesterday, do yea. My brother also got one.
GodGinrai  +   925d ago
Nah. Besides , im buying mine for the sony exclusives like GT and infamous. oh, and GOW. And im pretty sure last guardian is going to be a PS4 game, now.

none of those games are going to benefit from the PS4 cam.
TomShoe  +   925d ago
Nah. Save that money and get a headset.
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