Is Capcom Worse Than EA & Activision ?

NOTE : Capcom ruined Resident Evil,Megaman,Devil May Cry and now Breath Of Fire franchise

When this current generation began, the idea of downloadable content excited gamers as this would lead to extending a game's life. The possibility of expansion packs, map packs, extra characters, etc would give a lot of replay value to a game. But most people wouldn't think it would've gotten this bad. Microsoft starts charging for map packs on Halo rather than give free content. Then it comes to the realization that most DLC is already included on the disc, and you're paying extra money for a portion of the game you should already have on the disc. Then companies like Activision who produced Guitar Hero in the end, instead of releasing DLC would release entire games yearly for $60. Games like this, Tony Hawk and Call of Duty lacked innovation from title to title but they still commanded a $60 price. This left a bad taste in consumer's mouth.

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sobotz1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

They've ruined Breath of Fire series, the long-awaited newest "numbered title" of BoF is releasing on Mobile platform. It's like a middle finger from Capcom to the hardcore fans. So my answer is yes. EA seems doing 'a little' better than Capcom after they announced the newest Battlefront and Mirror's Edge

SavageKuma1810d ago

Honestly it kills me how they come out with the same game in the same year which gamers spent money on the previous title just to make slight improvements instead of throwing in an update. So it varies.

Godlovesgamers1810d ago

"Is Capcom Worse Than EA & Activision ?"

As long as these companies continue to put profits ahead of their customers they'll all be pretty much on the same level of terrible, to me.

asiatico1809d ago

In a way yes. I feel like if these EA or activision had the franchises that capcom has they would do better things with them, for example let's look at megaman. How many years has it been since they actually tried to make a decent megaman? Idk.