Deadly Premonition is the world’s most awful awesome game

JB writes: Deadly Premonition. A game that apparently divided reviewers when it first appeared. The cover of the copy I have says 10/10. I knew, however, when Steph handed me her copy to borrow, that I was heading for a nightmare of controlling hell. I think it helped to know it would be torture, because it did stop me rage quitting at the beginning.

Apparently, it was panned when it came out. It promptly went on to acquire a cult following (as these things do), and now nobody can decide whether it is brilliant or terrible, or both. I think it might actually be both. There are moments, playing this game, where I think, this is genius. Or I fall over laughing. And other times I want to kill everybody involved in making this game. In the face.

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mafiahajeri1808d ago

Kill everybody in the FACE!

1808d ago
joe901807d ago

Will give this a go as its coming to PC. hopefully it gets some mods, might even get a graphics update to make it look 2013.

derkasan1808d ago

"This game was clearly designed by some creature with an incredible flair for writing but tiny, hyper-sensitive tentacles instead of hands. An alien with no understanding of gaming mechanics, or no need for them."

That's SWERY alright.

MrTrololo1808d ago

It so bad that this game could be a classic xD

-Gespenst-1808d ago

There's nothing AWFUL about this game. Ugh.

Stupid brainwashed games industry / community.

Wni01808d ago

are you being sarcastic? the game has shit controls. shit graphics. thats awful. since games are mostly u k controlling and visuals the whole time thats sort a alot of shit.

-Gespenst-1808d ago

The game is what it is. It's risky and creative in this stagnant triple-A environment, which is something to be admired.

Why do graphics matter? I say this again and again, but the SNES proved that graphics don't have to be "good" in the way we understand them (in the way we've been made believe by the games industry) for the game to be memorable, unique, creative, and good.

The graphics as far as I'm concerned, have a videogame nostalgia to them- they make the game feel like a game, not a wannabe film, and certainly the world of the game is one of the most memorable and immersive to me in recent memory. The controls aren't much different to Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6, and I don't get the complaints. Their "shitness" is something I just don't get. They're not unlike a lot of videogames.

You've been playing too much broad, shallow, mindless, triple-A garbage.

Wni01808d ago

Graphics matter when they get in the way of gameplay, its that simple.

The controls are unresponsive. There is no excuse for that, when you play a bad game, that's the first thing you notice. And Premonition is full of clunky and awkward situations, which punish the player.

CrossingEden1808d ago

the graphics, controls, gunplay, physics, are all god awful for a 2011 game -_- if anyone is brainwashed, it's you

SlapHappyJesus1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

It is like playing a long lost Dreamcast game that, while trying to be horror, also really, really liked Shenmue.
It isn't even bad at what it does . . . it just feels like it was meant to be released over a decade ago.

Gahh. Love the game.
Excited that the director's cut is coming to PC.

DarkBlood1808d ago

did it finally get greenlighted?

SlapHappyJesus1808d ago

Yeah. Few days back.
Honestly, it really wasn't on there for very long. One of the fastest I am personally aware of.

DarkBlood1807d ago

awesome, im sure the mods will do some crazy stuff with the game.

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