From SUXAXIS to DUALSHOCK3: Controllers of the PS3

Sarcastic gamer writes:"I was one of those guys out there on launch day for a PS3 in November '06. I had a blast doing it, as I met a lot of really cool people and ultimately (due to the PS3-frenzy of the time) ended up working out enough deals that my PS3 was free (Thank God for ebay!) I ran home like most folks and immediately played Resistance: Fall of Man and was generally having a good time (without the buyer's remorse of just shelling out $600+ on a new system with an extreme scarcity of great games.) It didn't take too long for me to notice the relative… what's the word?… "craptacularity" of the SIXAXIS, or as I called it, the SUXAXIS controller."

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boodybandit3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

suxaxis part. I agree that the original sixaxis controller is rather light and feels kind of flimsy but I really like the DS3. The DS3 is definitely built better then the sixaxis.

I dusted off some of my older PS3 games to see how much I missed rumble. For some games it really adds to the immersion level.

ruibing3904d ago

I have two SIXAXIS and one DS3. Obviously I try to play with the DS3 now, but it's like rumble is something you really notice when you are in the middle of a firefight. My point is that if you have to choose, go for the DS3, but you are not really left out in the cold if you get a SIXAXIS.

C_SoL3904d ago

with the 2 sixaxis controller's (that I had). Even when playing Warhawk. I broke both of them. Now I'm saving up to buy DS3 w/ a silicone case.

*Does anyone know if silicone case is worth getting? Buying it so if i do throw it again, it has more of a chance surviving my RAGE.

AlterEgo3904d ago

the SIXAXIS wasn't 'that' bad

kevoncox3904d ago

I hate the sticks. Please Sony, please...fix your damn sticks.

PSWe603904d ago

Saturday and it feels great. It felt like a controller not like a cheap knock off from Thailand or where ever. It felt heavier and the best part was that the plastic is NOT transparent. I'm glad Sony ditched the SixAxiS...I won't miss it for a second.

CrazyJ3904d ago

If this fixes the controller dropouts I'm sold. I'll try to pick one up tonight. It was my only real complaint with the SIXAXIS and why it could be called SUXAXIS. Like the article says the newer PS3's probably didn't have this problem due to a better bluetooth antenna but who knows for sure.

macalatus3904d ago

What bluetooth headset brand and model are you using? The reason is not the sixaxis itself, but some bluetooth headsets like some Motorola headset (which I used to have) can affect your controller.

CrazyJ3904d ago

I've tried many things to figure out the problem but nothing seems to help. I usually don't have a bluetooth headset on when this happens so that can't be the cause of it. There may just be too many 2.4Ghz networks in my neighborhood. All I know is both of my SIXAXIS controllers drop out occasionally. I've also noticed they drop out more often when the battery is low. Sometimes they drop out so badly they won't reconnect without resetting them.

Trick Nolte3904d ago

Yesterday, Wish it works with Hotshots Golf:OOB. It would make it that much nore awsome.

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The story is too old to be commented.