Ubisoft Presents French President François Hollande With a Wii U and Games

France now has a Presidential Wii U, courtesy of Ubisoft Japan.

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ShugaCane1876d ago

"courtesy of Ubisoft Japan"

Probably to thank him for confusing Japan with China during his tour. Such a lame president (I'm French, for the record). He could be a playable character in any Rabbids game that wouldn't even be shocking.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

How do you even make that mistake, the land masses are so significantly different. >_>

Hell they even have opposing political views.

dcj05241876d ago

It's like mixing up germany or Russia lol.

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Computersaysno1876d ago

Thats one way to get rid of stock

Pyro2000x1876d ago

LOL it's doing so bad they are giving it away to the poor and homeless