50+ Games Like Minecraft

Minecraft has inspired the birth of a whole new genre of games. For every good Minecraft inspired game though there are plenty of bad ones. If you want something with Minecraft style features and gameplay try the list of over 50 alternatives selected and reviewed by the Games Finder team.

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derkasan1758d ago

...that's a lot of building.

My vote goes out to Cube World. Guncraft is pretty good as well!

1758d ago
sammyspam1758d ago

Cube World is amazing, no doubt about it and its only going to get better. I'm also following Planet Explorers closely.

Of all the Minecraft+FPS games Guncraft is definitely my top pick as well.

3-4-51758d ago

Way too much watered down trash.

Those are examples of people not be creative enoguh to come up with their own ideas so they just take the easy road and copy off of somebody else.

Hardly any of these innovate or build off of what Mincraft has done.

Most of those are of much less quality.

They also don't have music by C418

andrewer1758d ago

7 days to die:
Minecraft + DayZ = awesomeness

sammyspam1758d ago

You have just blown my mind, amazing game.

Kamikaze1351758d ago

Terraria is so much better

dedicatedtogamers1758d ago


It actually has a fair amount of challenge. Other than learning how to deal with creepers (and then later, Endermen) there's very little danger.

That's part of what makes Minecraft fun and relaxing, but Terraria feels like the better-made game.

Kamikaze1351758d ago

Hell yeah. Minecraft is fun, but I enjoy the visual style of Terraria, the bosses, and the challenge

contradictory1758d ago

Kerbal Space Program.....
how is that game any similar to minecraft...?

sammyspam1758d ago

I think simply because its got the creative/building process definitely one of the oddest inclusions. Just depends which parts of Minecraft you like and what you are looking for I think (I only like adventuring in Minecraft myself).

contradictory1758d ago

yeah, i like adventuring too.
actually i usually just gather resources, farm food and all the while build huge ass base