BioShock Infinite is Perfect; The Last of Us is Better

GamR Mag Writes: "It seems as if every time a console generation begins to dwindle into oblivion, and the hype for fancy new products are on the cusp of everyone’s mind, there will always be a game or two that really stretches the limitations of the current hardware. It is no surprise as developers become more familiar with the hardware, they begin to have more confidence to explore different avenues of creation and really push the boundaries of the platforms for which they create. This has never been truer than with this console generation."

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chestnut11221880d ago

Yup. Although I love Bioshock, Naughty Dog's The Last of Us is truly a masterpiece :)

Thatguy-3101880d ago

I think the reason that people connect more with The Last of Us is simply because of how much depth the main characters have and the struggles that they're going through. But I will say that Bioshock had those moments where you did sympathize for Elizabeth. For example the part where she's dancing at the beach is just magical and also the area where she sings while Booker plays the guitar. Both games are great though and truly deserve the props they get.

Thatguy-3101880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

"This is a new age; an age where video games can do the very same things that books can do, that movies can do. They can really evoke passion, discussion and a mindful lucidity that they were never originally created to do. The Last of Us is a testament, a beacon of relevance that the gaming industry is something that can be, and should be, embraced by all."

I slap anyone in the face when they tell me that gaming is for kids. God how I love to be a gamer for that same reason the writer said of how far games have come narrative wise.

AirJohnston1880d ago

That scene where Booker plays the guitar while Elizabeth sings and feeds that homeless kid is one of the best scenes in the entire game

showtimefolks1880d ago

Bioshock is very good but no way even close to last of us, now the first bioshock you can say maybe one of the better games of this gen

Infinite was a huge let down

Room after room of combat
Once you found your favorite power that's what you stuck with
Handyman were cool idea but when they show up in every combat arena room they sort of over stay their welcome and th initial shock value
The ghost boss
The end boss

Both tedious and sometimes frustrating

Elizabeth can open tears such a cool idea yet never got anywhere during gameplay

The character development wasn't as good

Also the moment you start fight all the people who usually populated the world disappear

Don't get me wrong it's a sold 8/10 but the promise of infinite was so much while I felt like the end product under delivered maybe it was over promised to begin with

Borderlands 2
Bioshock infinite

2 of my most hyped games yet both didn't live up to its original and both published by 2K(2K one of the best publisher thought give credit where it's due)

To each their own but for me personally bioshock infinite doesn't even come close to last of us, while original bioshock is still a lot better than infinite for me

plmkoh1880d ago

Bioshock Inifine actually brought the series to an all time low. You only have to look at the Vigor (plasmids) and weapon system. Why can you equip all your Vigors but yet only carry two weapons. The weapon system is made even more regressive by having you lose your expensive upgrades just by dumping them, which you have to eventually due to set-pieces contexts and insufficent ammo.

You only have to watch this video to understand the long lists of flaws (which are not small nitpicks) (WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS)

I'm not a hater of the Bioshock series, in fact I bought Bioshock 1 + 2 + infinite premium limited editions and also a copy of System shock 2, in my opinion Bioshock Infinite did not understand whether it was an action RPG FPS hybrid or just a action FPS.

showtimefolks1880d ago


I agree man that 2 weapon system was just a head scratching decision by th development team

I agree that in a way the game didn't have it's own identity, in a way it was trying to live up to the original bioshock which was like system shock but at the end of the day it's was a good FPS that gaming media over Hyped

Also the rails throughout the city sound great but when you have to deal with that throughout t wasn't as much fun for me at least

NukaCola1880d ago

My biggest issues with Infinite are the lack of exploration and 90% of the secret areas where with lock picking. I loved the metroidvania style of exploring in Rapture. I wish you could revisit Columbia as you progressed.

Salooh1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Story is great but i had a lot more fun with dishonored in gameplay side.

The only game that come close to the last of us is MGS4 . Both are mature and use logic and reason in the game...

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RedHawkX1880d ago

The last of us is just amazing. a must play experience.

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ArchangelMike1880d ago

Bioshock Infinite is a very good game, but nowhere as good as TLOU.

starchild1879d ago

I like both games equally. Superb.

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Relientk771880d ago

Both these games are incredibly amazing

McScroggz1880d ago

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love BioShock: Infinite, but it is absolutely not perfect. While I cannot say it is factually imperfect, it is clearly and objectively imperfect.

JunioRS1011880d ago

Bioshock Infinite was definitely not perfect, it was great. A little better than great even, but not perfect.

The middle of the story was very stretched out and bland, running back and forth to tie together parts of the story, which left me uninterested in the middle part of the plot.

Haven't played the last of us, but I've heard the story, and I think it's a pretty good one.

I wish I still had my ps3 because I would have definitely bought it.

FlunkinMonkey1880d ago

Completely agree.. The middle section was utterly boring with infinite. The beginning and end made up for the story aspect.

The gameplay was a massive disappointment for me with infinite too (coming from some one who loved the original Bioshock.. It was dumbed down beyond belief, the upgrade system was lacking substantially, and the 2 weapon system (that works for a lot of games) just didn't work for me - where were my visible upgrades on weapons?!

The setting for me just wasn't as enticing as Rapture for me, but it was still fantastic, and was my game of the year until The Last of Us reared it's head..

In my eyes i can't see anything remotely competing with it for Game of the Year.

JunioRS1011880d ago

Absolutely. And I felt that they veered more toward "typical fps" than the "classic bioshock" feel of the weapons...

They just played it too safe. They were afraid to make it too ambitious, too different... Never realizing that that's what made the first two games great in the first place.

Gigaguy7771880d ago

Ugh, Bioshock Infinite was amazing, The Last of Us was boring and poorly designed. Granted Bioshock had dull points too, but at least it did what it did well. Survival horror/action and yet I have a surplus of supplies at all times? This isn't Dead Space 3 guys.

Lovable1880d ago

I completely disagree. Playing the game in survival says otherwise, but whatever. Talking to someone who hasn't played the game will make no difference. :)

NeoTribe1880d ago

Poorly designed lol... if last of us is poorly designed than there has never been a well designed game. As for you having to much ammo and supply, try playing on hard plus.

xPhearR3dx1880d ago

Bioshock Infinite wasn't even amazing. It was a good game. Not great, not amazing, just good. Don't play a survival game on easy and then complain you have supplies. People like you are "scared" per say, to play on a higher difficulty because you think it will be too hard or "unfair".

Hicken1880d ago

Surplus? Yeah, right.
Boring? Get real.

You can always tell when somebody's just trolling for the sake of being different.

Picnic1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

If you have a surplus of supplies in The Last of Us it'll be because you've been scavenging in between fights. You fulfilled your duty in helping yourself to stand more chances of 'survival'. If you didn't pick up anything, a) why are you playing the game not to try to be a survivor? and b) you would have found it harder.

SnotyTheRocket1880d ago

Play on the hardest difficulty. I had 4 bullets for about 3 hours.

BlaqMagiq241880d ago

If you had a surplus of supplies at all times then you weren't playing The Last of Us.

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