3DS Parallels – Nintendo’s extraordinary rescue of 3DS, and whether they can do the same for Wii U

I’m not playing the console’s requiem, but we all know Wii U needs help.
Can they find it in their 3DS playbook?

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ZoidsRaven1812d ago

It's possible.
The Wii U is getting (much like the 3DS did) a new Mario, a Zelda remake and a new Mario kart.

Only time will tell. 7_7

smoothdude1812d ago

I am waiting for a better selection of games before picking up a Wii-U. I also want to point out that it will primarily for my kids as I have turned to PC gaming via steam to satisfy my gaming needs.

I think that it is safe to say that Nintendo has officially lost the "hard-core" gaming crowd, but that doesn't mean that they don't have one or two gems that will come along.

ZoidsRaven1811d ago

'I think that it is safe to say that Nintendo has officially lost the "hard-core" gaming crowd'

Hard-core gaming crowd?
Are you at least going to explain which meaning of "Hard-core gaming" you are using?
If you meant dude-bro gaming, Nintendo can't have "lost the hard-core gaming crowd" because they never appealed to said crowd.

Please elaborate.

Concertoine1811d ago

SMT x Fire Emblem, Bayonetta 2, and the new monoliftsoft game are about as hardcore and niche as you can get, and they're all out by next year.

smoothdude1809d ago

Hardcore is a subjective term and as such is impossible to define. Hardcore to me is PC gaming, but that is my opinion and I know that I'll be blasted for it. My comment was more of a generic definition of "hardcore" meaning gamers who play more than 20 hrs a week and I'll even throw in adult gamers.

I don't disagree that there are "core" games that come out for Nintendo, but sales for these games are hardly indicative of a "hardcore" base of gamers that play on Nintendo consoles. An example (just one example) is Black Ops for Wii, PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. I would challenge you to find a multiplatform game that sold more on the Wii or even Wii-U, and then you will see my point.

Now that being said there are many franchises which I love to play from Nintendo. I will obviously be picking up a Wii-U eventually to play these games, and I even bought a 3DS over the Vita due to the fact that Vita is lacking in the game variety department right now.

Let me finish by qualifying what I meant by "lost the hard-core gaming crowd". While "hard-core" gamers do play games on the Wii, I truly believe based on software sales and hardware sales for Wii-U that the "hard-core" game crowd as a whole does not care much about Nintendo. I admit that there will be individuals who will continue to play Nintendo games, however, as a whole the gaming crowd is not interested in Nintendo. Again if you look at numbers and the quantity of news articles on the Internet you will not find much of an interest in them.

herbs1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

I recall an article before the Wii U launch where Iwata stated that they learned alot from the 3ds launch (draught) and wouldn't make the same mistakes again. This was either poorly translated (lying) or Iwata was really thinking they know that the hardcore Nintendo fans will always be early adopters (sell at a profit) than if the console doesn't sell we'll make sure to get some core franchises out and slash the price right before the competition launches.

PopRocks3591811d ago

I doubt it was lying. Perhaps preemptive optimism? At the time their management was not exactly on equal footing for both handheld and console departments. They have also come out and stated that for a time the 3DS was the sole focus of their developers leaving the Wii U dry.

I would imagine if they truly plan to avoid making these "no games at" launches again, it will probably be the following generation.

TripC501811d ago

Because success was accomplished with the 3DS leads me to believe it can be done with the Wii U. If the 3DS hadn't turned around as it did I would be worried about the U.

AdvanceWarsSgt1810d ago

Except for the fact that the Wii U is selling at a magnitude considerably worse than the 3DS ever did. It is incredibly faulty to point to the 3DS turnaround and then say that the Wii U can similarly "make a comeback".

The people who state that the Wii U can simply "pull a 3DS" have absolutely no idea just how bad Wii U sales have been in its post-launch, and are essentially saying that they expect a permanent 400-500% increase in sales rate for the remainder of its life just to sell DECENTLY.