Yes, Tekken X Street Fighter Is Still In Development

Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada has reassured fans that Tekken X Street Fighter is still in development.

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vishmarx1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

am i from the future!!!???
or has the author been under a rock for way too long

zeal0us1879d ago

Street Fighter X Tekken =/= Tekken X Street Fighter

vishmarx1879d ago

WAIT what?
whatever happened to commutativity..

is it like tekken graphics intead of sf now?

blitz06231879d ago

Capcom developed SF X T.
Namco Bandai is developing T X SF

No_Limit1879d ago

This reminds me of the cross-over between SNK and Capcom. Capcom made Capcom vs SNK and SNK made the SNK vs Capcom series. Both were great but I like SNK vs Capcom better.

jeffrey2221879d ago

so you're the one living under a rock,, for not knowing SF x T not = to T x SF

vishmarx1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

SF x T not = to T x SF
how obvious is that

yeah i really need to get a life

1879d ago
PurpHerbison1879d ago

I hope TxSF is a nextgen game. Should be really solid too unlike SFxT. Tekken titles seem to fair well.

Welcome2Die1879d ago

I just hope they add the characters people actually want, despite the fact that its a 3D game and Im not a big fan of them, I do want to see Alex, Karin and R.Mika make a comeback!

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1879d ago

I wonder if they'll end up putting this on PC too. I mean PC gamers already got a taste of Tekken characters with SFxTK so I don't see why they wouldn't put this as well as all future Tekken games on PC.

LackTrue4K1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

so....your waiting for Tekken games on pc?!?!?!!!
has past Tekken games ever been on pc?!
"and im not talking about Emulator"

jeffrey2221879d ago

maybe, namco will release naruto ninja storm 3 burst on pc as well.. so there must be some lights that we will see tekken on pc.. hope so.

Max-Zorin1879d ago

Namco's version should have came out first. Capcom don't know what balance is.

DarkHeroZX1878d ago

The really dont, that's why they're releasing Ultra Super Spoiled Milk. 5 new characters and a new balance patch. Why couldn't they make a Street Fighter 5? I want a story that that's place after 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.