I’m a Recovering Video Game Addict

Kevin Macku:"Most people realize they’re addicts when they wake up one morning. I realized I was one when I stopped sleeping."

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TripC501756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

Ending a videogame addiction is simple. Play a freakishly hard game only (super meat boy hard levels or cloudberry kingdom masochistic levels) for about 15 minutes and not only will you be sick of gaming for the day but you will be throwing the controller across your room and thinking about anger management treatment instead.

Ripsta7th1756d ago

Me like everyone else would just move onto a game they enjoy lol we are GAMERS

1756d ago
Craigatorian1755d ago

That happened to me and I had trouble coming back to gaming

Tacklebait1756d ago

Its serious stuff. Glad he realized it and can now share his experience. Denial can be a bitch.

Megaton1756d ago

I don't have the attention span to be a video game addict anymore.

skydragoonity1756d ago

i'll play games today, yesterday, forever.

fsfsxii1756d ago

Now lets dance for an unknown tune

DestinyHeroDoomlord1756d ago

I'm not an addict... addicts want to stop...

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