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Most people have been loving any coverage of popular game, Warframe. Gamespot UK apparently does not share the same soft emotions of the game that others do! Their review can be seen by clicking the source link below!

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JasonXE1877d ago

Fix the tags.

Also I think this review is kind of unfair.

HystericalGamez1877d ago

Yeah I Agree, and I just fixed the tags, thank you.

sobotz1877d ago

Warframe got 69% Metacritic and 7/10 from IGN, I don't expect too much from this game

minimur121877d ago

Environments repeated frequently

It's an indie game, what do you expect lol

zeal0us1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

While I'll admit Warframe is a good game but it still need some fixing.

The build timer system should be tossed out for one. I shouldn't have to farm for hours then have to wait an extra 12-72hrs just for my weapon, items or warframes to be made.

All guns,warframes and equipment should be able to be bought with credits. The system in place either force the player to farm or pay $$$ for items. Sure a few weapons and items can be brought with credits but honestly its not cutting it.

1877d ago
HystericalGamez1877d ago

Very sorry about the link fixed and it now leads directly to the Gamespot review.

bjmartynhak1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Deadpool has a similar style and it is also repetitive, but I still had lots of fun (probably the game I most laughed my entire life).

Warframe can be a good game to play once and while, like, in between major releases, otherwise you'll get sick of farming

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1877d ago

You guys are forgetting. This game is still in the open beta. The devs discussed many times just some of their intentions. I'm sure the 'final' product would be great.

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