In DC Universe Online DLC 'Sons Of Trigon,' Gotham Goes To Hell

Author Miguel Concepcion says:

The latest 'DC Universe Online' DLC, titled 'Sons of Trigon' is one of the thematically bolder DLCs for Sony Online Entertainment's superhero game. Along with resolving a cliffhanger from the main game, 'Sons of Trigon' paints a hellish vision of Gotham, structured on the Seven Deadly Sins.

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HystericalGamez1753d ago

Can't wait to pick up this DLC

JasonXE1753d ago

It's a pretty good and solid DLC.

1753d ago
Hicken1753d ago

Sounds good. Well, I'm Legendary, so I'll have it automatically.

Hicken1753d ago

I can't wait. Hopefully, they'll have rebalanced Sorcery by then. Eager to see what they'll do with it, and how it'll affect my favorite character.

Just got done running the BIA, Gates, and Eclipso. None of them were too bad, though a few people didn't know what they were doing in the raids. It's always like that, though.

Hicken1753d ago

There are different power types; sorcery is one of the three that are used for healing. Every so often, they rebalance the powers, get rid of useless abilities, etc.