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Are the PS4 and Xbox One coming too soon?

onPause writs:

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have been incredibly sought after now that we are well into the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation which started all the way back in 2005. Many gamers say it is time to get new hardware but is that true? (Dead Rising 3, FIFA 14, Forza Motorsport 5, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, PS4, Xbox One)

Speed-Racer  +   623d ago
The PS3 had more life in it imo.
mcroddi  +   623d ago
I tend to agree, I wonder if buying in early will make sense this time.
Azuske  +   623d ago
I don't think they are coming too soon. We live in a time where social networking is dominant and both the Xbox 360 as well as the PS3 lacked true social connectivity. We all like beating our friends scores and teaming up with them within games but we never had a way to show our skills to our friends when they aren't logged in. Also the power of both consoles were starting to show that they are lacking. The PS3 may have had a year or two of power left but the Xbox was dying fast and you know that Sony wouldn't allow Microsoft to release a new console with much more power without them having something to being sales back to them as well as keep their consumer base. This generation may not be at it's end yet but that only gives the consumers more options and better games as consoles start to become built more and more like computers. Articles like these are just made out of boredom in my opinion. They aren't needed to do anything but stir up something while we wait for the console to release and I bet the person that wrote it will also be picking up a console soon if not on release day.
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LOGICWINS  +   623d ago
I'll buy in 2015 when the new GOW comes out. With GTAV, Beyond, and Tales of Xillia (plus others that will come out) I don't feel the need to upgrade.
mcroddi  +   623d ago
There are seriously so many games for current gen and support all the way into 2014, easy.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   623d ago
To some it will be true and to some they may think its too soon.

But in reality they are coming whether we like it or not
Kanzes  +   623d ago
It's too soon for a college student's wallet like me. Maybe I'll buy either console next year
mcroddi  +   623d ago
I agree they are coming, but maybe prematurely...
LOGICWINS  +   623d ago
The good thing is that the price will drop by the time we get it :)
Muffins1223  +   623d ago
How its been forever and this has been the longest gen in history.
mcroddi  +   623d ago
At what price would people buy the new consoles? Keep in mind the WiiU is still 350 Dollars... lol
Godmars290  +   623d ago
I think the PS3 and 360 came too soon. That too much of an emphasis was placed on first person, realtime and online.

Actually the PS4 and X1 aren't really looking to hot to be honest.
n4rc  +   623d ago

Neither is killing off the previous gen console.. Those that want a new console can get one, or keep playing your 360/ps3..

You think 8 years isn't long enough? I say its too long..

I want next gen yesterday.. Lol
dcj0524  +   623d ago
It's been 8 years. If it were like past gens then we'd have the PS4 in like 2011. Now is fine.
walkincarpet  +   623d ago
There are a lot of great games coming out the current gen, but I traded in both Ps3 and Xbox360 in months ago because I can no longer bear playing essentially the same way I have been for the last 30 years. I'm hoping the dedicated and new kinect will change the way we play games. It doesn't have to be a kinect game necessarily, but if developers start doing what Capcom is doing with DR3 then I think videogames are saved for those of us that have been playing since the atari joysick.
Sevir  +   623d ago
I honestly for a while i thought that the next gen consoles were coming too soon, with games like the Last of Us that were showing out and multiplatforms titles like LOS and MGS5 and LR:FF13... It seemed that it was all pre mature, but then having seen games like the Division, Killzone, Second Son, the Witcher 3... it all seems very much time to have these Next gen consoles shake up the convention. Most people feel its too soon because the PS3 is just starting to flex its muscle and 3rd party Games are pouring in by the bucket loads now with plenty New IPs launching on the 360 and PS3 in their 7th and 8th year respectably, but the fact is that This Generation of Consoles have lasted 3 years longer than previous Gens.

We normally get a refresh after 5 years. With the way the online eco system has been for both MS and Sony, they've managed to keep these consoles evolving year after year with great features and an expansive game lineup(More Sony on the latter) so they still appear relevant even on being such old machines.

I think when Gamestop and Best Buy, Target and Walmart has demo Kiosks for these Second Gen HD consoles and we actually get a chance to see and experience these consoles and the innovative features they have in their software it will quickly become clear that a major hardware update and refresh was necessary to kick our beloved industry out of the slump its in currently, and bring us new innovations that the previous gen couldn't afford.

As for Me, The PS3 will stay hooked up to my Tv to compliment My PS4 and as long as Sony supports the console for the next 3 years in its 10 year life cycle with exclusive PS3 games while growing the catalog of PS4 games I'll be happy.

My PS4 is paid in full with Watch_Dogs, Killzone and Driveclub in tow. Launch day, when ever that may be cant come soon enough!
Tatsuya  +   623d ago
Personally, I think there couldn't be any better time for it than NOW. Seriously, I need my PS4 right now :/
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Shoul  +   622d ago
I think its around about the right time, though I might wait for more releases before grabbing a console.

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