WWE 2K14 Gameplay Outlined By 2K Sports Cory Ledesma - Part 2

2K Sports' Cory Ledesma lays the smackdown on the new WWE 2K14 video game in this exclusive interview from New York.

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creHEARTive1756d ago

interviewing Cory was great. These guys really have a true passion for Wrestling.

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jagiii1756d ago

2K is really doing things right with this franchise.

Rampaged Death1756d ago

2k should have got rid of the team and started again. Recent games have been awful.

sephiroth4201756d ago

i agree, i dont know why they decided to keep them on, i was disappointed to hear that, hopefully next year they will change the gameplay back to that of earlier games or something different, imo the best system was the one they used in here comes the pain with the 4 different grapples that had 4 different moves off of each one and smackdown sym was pretty fun too with the climbing up stages and whatnot.

rocky0475861756d ago

If they didn't get this team to do it then exactly who would be able to create the game? Visual Concepts? The basketball guys that don't know a thing about creating a wrestling simulation game? They kept them because it's good for business with WWE to keep the team that has churned out one of the biggest franchise games on the planet for the past 16 years. They'd be foolish to get rid of YUKES or the old THQ WWEGames team and start from scratch.

They don't have the assets nor the abilities to make a robust and feature-centric engine the way that YUKES and the WWEGames design team have over the past 7 years. It's going to take some time but 2K's touch will be made on these games more and more as time goes on. Also if you've actually played the game you'd know that the grapples allow for more moves than just 4 per directional press. But since you haven't played you really shouldn't be judging the games, just my opinion though.

sephiroth4201755d ago

i dont know maybe get the people who did the old attitude, warzone, wcw games to do em, are yukes still involved with the games? i reakon there are teams out there that could make a good werstling game.

yeah you;re right i havnt played wwe 13 as such, but i played wwe 12 and felt like alot of the fun had been dragged out of the games, the last one i played before them i think was the last smackdown vs raw, i should probably go try out wwe 13 though, the attitude era looks pretty interesting.

rocky0475861754d ago

Dude those teams haven't worked on a wrestling game in over 12 years now. Lol, the last system they worked on was PS1. I don't think they have the expertise to work on a new wrestling game with PS3/PS4/360/X1 technology. If there is a talented team out there that knows wrestling they sure haven't tried making a game to rival the WWE games. TNA tried but failed miserably with their Impact game. There was two other tries by some generic companies and those didn't do anything either.

sephiroth4201753d ago

oh lol its a shame they stopped working on the games, i think the ps1 wrestling games were really fun and actually worked quite well. you never know they could be working on one as we speak but its most likely not the case lol. i played the tna game, i thought the physics and reactions to everything was spot on, its just a shame the battle system was horrendous. still though the graphics are alot better than most of the wwe games that came out after. oh yeah i remember rumble roses, which was pretty shit and that other one... er.. something to do with luchadores cant remember the name. it gonna be interesting to see what 2k add to the table, all the crappy interviews so far have revealed nothing! :(

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